Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Stick Me with a Fork, I’m Done

My niece was arrested this weekend for driving with her license or car insurance. My sister bought her a car contingent on her taking care of these two issues. Unfortunately against my advice she gave her the car first. I told her doing so was a mistake. She was so sure her daughter would handle her business. She has been driving about 2 months or a little more without so much of a thought of getting her license and insurance. I often reminded her that she needed to take care of these important issues. I further told her that if she was stopped and arrested don’t call my number.

This past Saturday she was stopped and arrested for not having insurance and a drivers’ license. She had to go to county jail until someone picked her up. I received a call from her mother and my own mom telling me about it. I immediately thank them for telling me and told them I would not help at all. I finally said bye to both of them. You cannot call me anymore for help when you knowingly break the law. I will not dish out money to irresponsible people who are too lazy to take care of their problems. This gravy train is over. Her siblings, mom and brother got her out. Never me again….

On Monday, February 28th, they went to pick up her car from the tow yard. Her mother had to pay 160 bucks to get the car released, another 168 dollars to get the car from the tow yard and she had to pay almost 200.00 dollars to get insurance as they would not allow it to be moved without it. First they paid 200 dollars to get her out of jail. Now an additional 528 bucks to get the car! Just wasting money! I told her mother to prepare herself to get her out next time because there will be one. You see today, she still did not go to get her license because she was riding around with her girlfriends.

When you keep bailing and rescuing teens, they will never step up. Why should they when they have you? All of my nieces and nephews are over the age of 19. This is old enough to listen and to know better. Forgive me when I say this, I am through bailing out teens who simply don’t care about taking care of their business. Stick me with a fork, cause truth be told, I am done.

If it was your relative what would you have done?


BostonPobble said...

Rose, I'd've done the exact same thing you did. You told your niece not to think you would bail her out, literally and figuratively, and so everyone knew up front Aunt Rose was unavailable to deal with their stupidity this time. You did nothing wrong here and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Or at least don't listen when they do.

Tina Nanez said...

I couldn't agree with you more!

Anonymous said...

You go girl!! Take a stand against stupidity, you amaze me Rose. You are demonstrating "Tough Love" which is effective in teaching next best practices. Love you big sister!!