Monday, August 25, 2014

Mom and the Cat

((Rose with one of the kittens from the first litter)

Most people would not believe this story, and sometimes I don't either even though I am living it.  My mother is super generous and sensitive.  She loves animals and people just the same.  If you need a place to lay your head and she has room, she will allow you to stay with her until her children get involved and put the person out. So sometimes ago, this cat shows up and walks into the house and befriend mom.  For a couple of months, the cat came to mom for food and shelter.  We all begin to notice this cat was pregnant.  One day, the cat sneaks in five new kittens.  Mom didn't know they were there hidden in one of her rooms until she heard them crying.  Several days later family members took the kittens to others.    Saturday I was talking to mom and my niece opened the door to come into the house, and in runs the cat with something in her mouth, I'm screaming, "get that cat out of here, she brought a dead animal in the house."  My nephew and another relative jumps into action. They search everywhere and cannot find the cat and her visitor.  When she finally comes out, I notice how skinny the cat is, and we realize she is sneaking her babies in the house. One by one, she brings her kittens in, every time the door swings open.  We stand and watch her as she strutted by with a kitten by the throat and takes it to her declared room.  Okay, we all feel sorry for the cute cat, but who does she belongs too and why does she keeps getting pregnant and coming to mom's home?  Well, I couldn't make the cat leave because I felt sorry for her and wanted her babies safe.  Who allows a cat to come visit, and then she brings her entire new family without permission.  Cats are like people.  If you give them an inch, they'll take a mile. Tomorrow, I will contact someone on behalf of the cat to come get her and her five babies. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sisters in Step

There are many people who you meet and experience new things together as you go through this life. I feel fortunate to have met these women who put trust in me in helping to get their books into the hands of readers. As a publisher, they have made me jubilant, and we have all grown to become dear friends. Since I met each lady, we all became supporters of each other and our work. We have also seen the pain, sadness and hurt as lives changed. I believe there are no coincidences and that we are all a part of God’s plan for something bigger and better. It was the way we met directly behind each other, how and why. Finally, we are all Christian Women who have been tested, but came away more determined and stronger. We are all sisters in step with life. Thank you wonderful women for being a catalyst as we each uses our testimonies to help other women. Without a test, there is no testimony!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Never Stop Looking or Researching- Second Opinions are a Must!

Never Stop Looking or Researching: Second Opinions are a Must!

Three years ago, I took a bad fall when my boot caught into the hem of my skirt.   I fell into the garage onto my knees on the concrete.  I was so thankful by head didn't hit the bumper of my car that I never realized weeks and months later the excruciating pain I was having might be the result of the fall.  That's because the pain was coming from my calf.  Missed trips, canceled vacations, partial forced retirement, unable to exercise or do anything strenuous, visits to emergency rooms, urgent care, doctor’s visits, because no x-rays could identify this pain.  Everything came back okay. 

Finally, after much research on Google, I got a clue.  So for almost two years I was treated for Fibromyalgia and Arthritis. The diagnosis just didn't sit right with me. My searches lead me to torn ligaments and a pinched nerve in my back.  Next I sought specialists who requested MRI's and within two visits I knew what was wrong. I had torn ligaments in my knee and a pinched nerve in my back. All the pain, the tears, the pretending to not limp when the pain was killing me.  I worked and lived in pain. Everyone asks, "How did you take that much pain and not complain?"  I was so thankful to be among the living and the blessed I didn't complain, but I never stopped looking for a reason.  Well, I complain to my husband and daughter who had to take care of the house and chores.

I had outpatient surgery on my knee.  I am looking forward to having a pain-free existence.  Well, at least I will be able to walk without limping and maybe wear some cute shoes again. LOL.  Then we'll start the therapy for the pinched nerve.  But through all of this, I found I am one strong willed person to have worked and lived through this pain. I never used the pain to stay away from work.I'm thankful it's about to be over.  Keep me in prayer. I cannot wait until I can slip on a pair of cute shoes.  So thankful!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Meet Author Tyora Moody

About the Book

Reverend Jonathan Freeman and his wife Lenora are quickly becoming Charlotte’s “it” couple. All eyes are on them as Jonathan is named pastor of a church following the death of his father and Lenora has become a sought-after wedding planner. The Freemans are media darlings and a model couple; the picture of perfection. Or are they?

Behind the scenes, Jonathan struggles with his role as pastor of a megachurch while Lenora grows increasingly and uncharacteristically distant. A number of odd and tragic incidents push her further away from the love of her life and the fa├žade of perfection begins to crack.

A carefully guarded secret catches up with Lenora and it threatens her security as well as that of her family. Has an imperfect past finally caught up with her? Will the ghost of someone she thought long dead rise like Lazarus from the grave and destroy all she has worked to preserve? Or will Lenora fight to protect the man she loves and the beautiful life God has blessed her to have?  

About the Author

Serving up a creative mix, flavored with FAITH

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.  — 1 Colossians 3:17 NIV

Tyora Moody is an author and literary entrepreneur.  Tyora has coined her fiction books as Soul-Searching Suspense. Her debut novel, When Rain Falls, was released March 2012 (Urban Christian). This is the first book in the Victory Gospel series. The second book in the Victory Gospel Series, When Memories Fade, was released in April 2013 (Urban Christian).  The final book in the series, When Perfection Fails (Urban Christian) will be released March 2014.

Deep Fried Trouble, the first book in the Eugeena Patterson Mystery series was released June 2013 (Tymm Publishing LLC). She is currently working on the second book in the Eugeena Patterson Mysteries, Oven Baked Secrets (October 2014) and the first book in a new romantic suspense series (April 2015).

Tyora won 2nd Place for the 2014 Yerby Award for Fiction. She is the 2013 Urban Literary Awards Debut Author Winner and 2013 Urban Literary Awards Mystery/Thriller/Suspense Winner.  Tyora is a member of Sisters in Crime and American Christian Fiction Writers.

As a literary-focused entrepreneur, she has assisted countless authors with developing an online presence via her company, Popular services include online publicity, social media management, book trailers and book covers.  The Literary Entrepreneur’s Toolkit was released January 2014. On Mondays, Tyora hosts The Literary Entrepreneur Podcast.

When Tyora isn’t working for a client or doing something literary, she enjoys spending time with family, catching a movie on the big screen, and traveling. For more information about her literary endeavors, visit her online at the author online at


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Monday, October 14, 2013

Without Faith by Author Leslie J. Sherrod

About the Book

A diva and a gentleman have shown up for couples counseling, but now Sienna is the one in danger....

She’s a sleuth. She’s a scorned wife. She’s a sista on a mission. Sienna St. James is more than a sharp-witted social worker. She’s a problem solver who keeps getting pulled into life-and-death mysteries that only complicate her already complex life. With a head-strong teenage son and a missing, estranged husband - who could be anywhere on the globe - Sienna has to figure out what gets her focus first: the questions she has about her own love and loss or the dangerous quirks and dark confusion of her current clients... And then there are the current eligible men around her who are jockeying for position, waiting for her to make up her mind about it all.

 About the Author

Leslie J. Sherrod, the recipient of the SORMAG Readers Choice Award for Christian Author of the Year (2012), has a Masters in Social Work and has worked as a therapist, just like her current protagonist, Sienna St. James. Her novels, Losing Hope, Secret Place, and Like Sheep Gone Astray have been featured in Baltimore’s Enoch Pratt Free Library Writer’s LIVE! Series, as well as local CBS and NBC affiliates, and on AOL’s Black Voices. She has received a starred review from Booklist and is a contributor to the bestselling A Cup of Comfort devotional series. A graduate of the University of Maryland, she also took courses in writing at The Johns Hopkins University. Leslie lives in Baltimore, Maryland with her husband and three children.

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Friday, October 11, 2013

October Is National Bullying Prevention Month: Help Put a Stop to Bullying

October Is National Bullying Prevention Month: Help Put a Stop to Bullying

True story: My sister told me she was bullied daily at school. She was called ugly and believed it. I was shocked. Why didn’t you tell us? You have 7 brothers and sisters; we would have put a stop to it fast. But she felt hopeless.

A young girl I know was being bullied daily. She never told a soul. When she became older she did the same thing to others. She said, “I suffered from depression and low-self-esteem because of bullying.”

I heard a 3 year old bully a 9 year old. The 9 year old just cried.

I personally witness this conversation with a group of kids no older than 8.

Kid 1: You are fat and ugly. He said this to the 6 year-old.

Kid 2: No I’m not.

Kid 1: Yes you are, and you’re ugly too.

Kid 3: You are fat and eat too much.

I confronted them all. I told the 6 year old she was beautiful. Get this! She was very skinny and small. My nephew and I wrote these books to help young people. Stop Bullying Now!


Monday, September 23, 2013

My Thoughts After Reading Reviews on A Sinner's Cry!

I have never responded to a review before and after this I never will again. When I think about churches, I always think about the sick. My mother always told me that churches are like hospitals, people go there to get better. However, if you are not converted, which takes time, as a person you will continue to fail. That is how I see many churches, and this doesn’t have anything to do with race. Many denominations have their own particular set of problems from abuse of children, stealing money to illicit sex in the church. Still there are many churches that don’t have these problems or these types of issues have not surfaced to the congregation as a whole.

I try to write real stories. We are not perfect, only God is. But if people understand they can come to God no matter what they've done in the past without fear of rejection, then I’m doing my job. I get letters from potential church members saying how my book changed their lives by letting them know God forgives all sin. They feel they can walk through the doors of the church and believe God will do as He promised. Some people are offended by the church’s problems and choose to see churches as a place for perfect people. I see it as a place for imperfect people trying to live as God wants us to. I’m not living in a glass house. I know people fail. I know preachers fall. I believe when people fall, they can still be redeemed.

My book, A Sinner’s Cry is about people. Most of the drama happens at church. But a church is not Heaven, and I do not glorify church as such. I don’t glorify church because they are still managed by people. Imperfect people! I glorify God. I don’t follow men. I follow God. Even if there is sin in a church, you cannot run from it because wherever you chose to move your membership to, you may find sin there also.

When I read I have descriptive sex in my book, I smile because I know I had to do a good job writing this book. This is because the book is a little raunchy, but the scenes are not descriptive. Maybe it’s me, and the kinds of books I read but this isn’t very descriptive, play by play to me. I am providing an example of the two scenes and also an article written by my former publicist. The link for the article is below.  Here are two examples:
Example 1:

 As I pulled into the driveway, Darren drove up behind me. I parked in the garage and he followed. Before I could get the garage all the way down, he pulled on my clothes and started kissing my neck. He started unbuttoning my blouse and tried to take my skirt off in the garage. I gently pushed him away and ran into the house through the garage door.

Darren kissed me. He acted as if he was starved, like he hadn’t eaten or had sex in weeks. My skirt fell to the floor and I stood there naked. I wanted him as badly as he wanted me. So I unbuttoned his shirt and he helped me to pull it off. It dropped to the floor. He took me right there in the living room, standing up.

He held my face in his hands. “Denise, I love you, girl.”

I didn’t respond because I was thinking of Pastor Davis, not him. I was scared to speak for I may have said something wrong. I prayed and asked God to help me to be a Christian.

“You okay?”

“Yeah.”  I kissed his lips. I felt so confused. I loved Darren, but I loved God, too. I didn’t know if I should follow my heart and keep on loving Darren, or follow God and live according to His will? Loving Darren was so easy, but losing my soul was so hard.

 I walked to the bathroom and filled the Jacuzzi. Darren put on his pants and shirt and walked to the car to get out the food he’d picked up for us. He was so aroused that he left the food and took me first.

 As we sat in the Jacuzzi, I lay my head on his shoulder. “I love you so much.”

“I know. It won’t be long. I saw my lawyer today. I wanted to find out what I needed to do. I told you I was going to divorce my wife soon.”

“I hope you don’t feel as if I am making you do that. I will not allow you to blame me.” I lifted my head off his shoulders and looked into his eyes. Lately, I had been feeling weird, being with another woman’s husband. When I found out he was married I stayed because my heart had planted vines in my soul and I had fallen in love. I couldn’t leave. Then I became comfortable. I got used to him and I did not like the idea of being back out in the world unattached.

“What are you thinking about?”

“Us and where we are headed.”

He swiped a strand of my hair behind my ear. “We are headed to the altar; you are going to be my wife.”

He grabbed me and pulled me onto his lap. We kissed as his hands slowly moved over my body like an x-ray machine, looking for areas to pinpoint for more observation. I felt his warmth that connected from his body to mine. We became one again, the second time that night.

Example 2:

When Darren arrived I opened the door and let him in. Grabbing me, he kissed me hard and I kissed him back. The guilt was killing me, but not enough to stop me. I needed his arms to hold me and to make me feel safe. We made passionate love on the floor in front of my fireplace. He held and kissed me and I kept my head under his armpits. I felt safe and I didn’t want him to leave. As we lay there, saying nothing, the phone rang and I jumped.

“Why are you so jumpy?” Darren turned his head and watched me.

“Hello?”  There was no sound.

I slammed the phone down. “Darren, please stay tonight, please.”

Jumping up, he knocked over the crystal lamp and it crashed to the floor, but it didn’t break. He grabbed me and looked deep down into my eyes as I looked up to him for comfort. “What’s going on?”

“Someone keeps calling and hanging up. Tonight someone followed me all the way from East St. Louis.”

“You didn’t let them see where you live, did you?”

“No, I drove straight to the police station. That scared them and they kept driving. A police officer escorted me home and waited to ensure that I was okay.”

“That was smart of you.” Kissing me on my forehead, he whispered, “I will not let anyone bother you. But I can’t stay. I have to get home. If Jill becomes suspicious, she will take me to the cleaners. We have to be careful. I already stayed once this week, I can’t do it again so soon.”

“Darren, baby, I don’t know how much longer I can do this. I miss you when you are not here and I want you so bad to be here with me all the time. I’m so tired of sharing you. Plus, Darren, what we are doing is wrong. It is against what God requires of us.”

“There you go with that mess again.”

“What do you mean that mess? Don’t you believe in God?”

“Yes, I do, but I don’t think God is sitting around worried about who I am seeing with all the problems in the world. I just think that wouldn’t be His concern. Not who I am sleeping with.”

“I’m not going there with you. You know that if we want to see Heaven there are things we need to do.”

“Yeah, but right now I want you before I leave.”

Picking me up and taking me to the bedroom, he worked me over good before he showered. We lay in bed and talked before he left. I lay in bed thinking that lately we had been spending a lot of time in bed. I wondered if that was all our relationship was about. I was beginning to hate myself. I jumped out of the bed and stared at myself to see if I looked dirty. I wanted to know if my sin was noticeable. I looked at every inch of my body, searching for something to show me that people knew I was sleeping with a married man. I didn’t know what I was looking for, but I knew I felt dirty and sinful.

 As tears rolled down my face, Darren exited the bathroom and stood behind me. He was naked. His body was beautiful like a naked god’s—no marks, no fat, no inches of fat over his waistline—just muscle and beauty. He watched me.

“What are you doing, Denise?”  He had a perplexed look on his face. His eyes were looking up and his head was leaning to the side.

I just stared at him through the mirror. I looked for a reflection of something. I didn’t know what I was doing. I was crying and touching my body.

“What is wrong with you? I love you. Stop this now!”

He pulled on his clothes and shoes. Then he checked his phone to see if he had missed any calls. My phone rang again. I didn’t budge; I stood steadfast in the mirror.

Walking behind me, Darren wrapped his arms around my body as if he was trying to shield me from the cold and pain that was so deep in me that if he didn’t spread warmth over me he would lose me. He rocked me as if I was his baby. He kissed me and told me he loved me. I believed him. “I’m gonna take care of you. Don’t you worry a bit, pretty lady?”