Saturday, February 19, 2011

Parenting Classes for Teenage Mom- Do They Really Work?

I’ve worked in social service it seems most of my life. Parenting class for young teenage moms really helps. I saw a mother I had much contact with as she went through classes and home visits from a program I supervised. She was so excited. I have not seen her since 1997. In the store she thanked me (should have been the case manger receiving the glory) because of the information we provided to her. She said the child she had when we provided parenting skills is now an honor student in college. Her other daughter who we also completed health screenings on and monitored her developmental growth process, is an honor student in the 11th grade.

She also updated me on other teens in the program who are married, living in their own homes, working in hospitals as nurses, etc. She kept hugging me. Everybody in the store was ear hustling our conversation. Then she told me people were discussing me at the newspaper. She went there to put an ad in the paper and they were talking about my books. She was like, Ms. Beavers they talked you up. Funny thing is I never go to this store. I was on my weekly date with my dad and he asked me to take him to this store to pay his cable bill.

I was more impressed with her success. We exchanged numbers and I promised to call her to help me set up a reunion lunch on me. As she walked out of the store she turned again and said, “My kids are doing so well. Thank you Ms. Beavers.” When I reached the register the cashier said, “The young lady is a beautiful and sweet person and her kids are so respectful. She always shops here and I have met her children.” That was good to hear.

With the way young mothers are mistreating their children now it was so refreshing to see with knowledge many of them could be good parents. I would love to know the real impact of our program from the other participants. She was excited about that and said she could get five other graduates because they had bonded in the sessions and were still dear friends. How cool is that?

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