Thursday, February 17, 2011

I’m struggling to get my Mojo back. Not magic or witchcraft but that magnetic quality that draws folks to you. I’ve been out of whack lately. I haven’t been writing much, just basically hanging out with dad and mom which I have truly enjoyed. Husband and I have really bonded too. Not because we were pulling apart but because I was deep down in files, and working hard for an agency but going nowhere fast. I’m happy to be out of that situation but I’m trying to find me. What do I want to do? Do I want to travel to places I have never been? Do I want to relocate? I sort of do but really cannot because of my parents. They are older and having health issues and this is the time to be near to help.

Also, I am wondering if I should purchase a new home because they are cheap but if I do, can I sell mines for the price it is truly valued at. I know there is a market for buying but not so much for selling. Do I want a new car? Would a convertible Lexus get my mojo back? I am thinking about a convertible because I want to feel the spring wind blowing through my hair. Is it wasteful to buy a car when the news reporters are saying that food prices will skyrocket in the next few months? Also I am applying to return to school to get my PhD. Oh yeah, I also have my publicist writing a screenplay for one of my books. I also miss social service. Lord please guide my footsteps because there is so much to do. Maybe I’ll do consulting. There is so much to do; I want to make the right decisions……

BTW, you’re never too old to talk to your mom so I think I need to talk about all this with her too. She usually helps me sort things out.

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Dr. Deb said...

I agree, I'm never too old to talk with my mom. I'm glad she's still here to talk with!