Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Back in the day: Kitchen Hair


I remember getting my hair pressed straight in the kitchen of my great aunt’s house. Aunt Julie is what we called her. Just about every other weekend or at least once a month, mom would take her four daughters to my aunt’s house and we would wait our turn to get our hair fixed, as we called it back in the day.

Aunt Julie would have about 8 girls waiting to get their hair pressed and curled. The others were her granddaughters. I loved my aunt so much I remembered wishing she was my grandmother. She always had her girls looking good for church and school.

Aunt Julie died young. I believe I was about thirteen years old. All I know is my aunt and uncle would make us home made ice cream and we would play, eat and have a ball while waiting to be next to get serviced. My sisters, I and my cousins grew up very close. I really miss my aunt and uncle. They were just like my grandparents. Watching my niece who never knew my aunt get her hair cut and styled in the kitchen of mom’s house brought back memories.

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