Tuesday, March 01, 2011

I wasn't too excited about getting him but my daughter wanted him so badly. When she eventually moves he will go with her. I wasn't ready to replace Ebony, my little Pekingese who died in June from Cancer. But I think my daughter was lonely, plus when I'm here I enjoy having Peanut around. He hears everything and that's a great thing!

Peanut is like a rabbit. He is 6 months and jumps up onto high places. I hate that. This morning he jumped on me in bed. I sleep in a rather high bed. Actually I have to step on a step stool to get into it myself. He just hops up.

He already thinks he is a baby. He pulls down on me when he wants me to pick him up. This is all the time. We are trying to train him. Once hubby left him in my daughter’s room while he went to the store and when he returned her blinds were pretty much destroyed. He jumped onto her bed and I imagine tried to get out by jumping up to her window.

Another time I left him in the bathroom, thinking that would be safe from him destroying. He jumped in the toilet and took a bath and jumped back out. The bathroom was soaking wet when I returned. I was upset because he could have drowned. That would have been horrible to come home too.

He steals things like shoes, ink pens, socks and anything he can get his paws on. Lord help us.

He is bad....

Finally we had him for two weeks before naming him. Nothing fitted his personality. We tried Pretty Boy, Pretty Boy Floyd, Mr. Dog, Doggie, Hey You, Brownie, Mr. Pup, Fluffy, Mister and so many other things. Finally my sister called and I told her our dilemma. She said call him "Cashew, you know like the peanut." I thought I heard, call him Cashew or Peanut. Imagine when I talked to her recently and she asked, who named him, and I said you did. She said, "I said Cashew, like the Peanut." What! I thought. But he only answers to Peanut. Peanut is a Shih Tzu.

Once he comes from the groomer, I'll have to post his new pictures. He looks different all clean and pretty. Do you have a dog? What brand?


TJ said...

Cute dog. I had a lot of dogs growing up so I'm on dog vacay until my younger kids get old enough to take care of any dog they want. We'll probably get the kids a golden retriever, but the next dog I get for myself is going to be a bichon frise.

Dr. Deb said...

And isn't it great how we all try to find the right name!

Diedra B said...

he's beautiful.
no dogs here, just two cats. Mutts, both.

it's GC by the way, just not in disguise anymore

Anonymous said...

You'll miss him when he's gone. My daughters Shi Tzu has adopted me and it would be wierd with it gone.

Anonymous said...

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