Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Innocent Until Proven Guilty- About Chris Brown

Why are we so quick to jump to conclusions about issues affecting young African American men? It has been reported that Chris Brown had a meltdown and threw a chair that broke a window because he was upset about a line of questioning from an interviewer on Good Morning America. However, there is no evidence he did this. All I saw was the interview, no chair throwing, no ranting and raving, just words on the Internet saying this occurred. Yet, people are so quick to denounce folks as thuggish, horrible or criminal or they want to put the raft of God on them. Persecuting the person without real evidence they actually did the crime. Aren’t we innocent until proven guilty?

Today I read that no one knows who threw the chair and broke the window. I even heard GMA asked him to come back to perform. Not sure about that, it too is a rumor.

What I am sure of is this? Chris Brown needs practice learning how to respond to questions he does not want to answer. He needs more PR training if he’s had any at all. In addition, he needs to stay in counseling because issues don’t disappear overnight. When you have witnessed your mother being beaten, and I am sure he probably was too, because abusers not only abuse the mother or father of the house hold, they spread the violence to the children too, that’s not something easy to get over. Psychological and mental abuse is too difficult to just grow up and get over. It takes years of counseling. I am hoping this young brother go back into counseling, not because I am accusing him of having a meltdown but because answering questions about what he did to Rihanna is still too difficult for him to discuss.

Finally, Chris Brown’s Cd is number one on ITunes today. So apparently what they say about young people is true. You know that phrase, “From the mouth of babes”. It’s hard to fool young people and make them go against folks unless they see it themselves. Like them- show me him slinging a chair and breaking the window and even if I saw that video, judgment still is God and the people who wish to prosecute him.


BostonPobble said...

Honestly, I have no problem judging abusers and batterers. What I *do* have a problem with is the discrepancy between the way Charlie Sheen is treated for domestic violence and the way Chris Brown is. Sheen has a long history of violence against women and there's a boys-will-be-boys attitude about it and it's let go. Brown is vilified. The racism in that dichotomy is as repugnant as domestic violence.

ed said...

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