Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sisters in Step

There are many people who you meet and experience new things together as you go through this life. I feel fortunate to have met these women who put trust in me in helping to get their books into the hands of readers. As a publisher, they have made me jubilant, and we have all grown to become dear friends. Since I met each lady, we all became supporters of each other and our work. We have also seen the pain, sadness and hurt as lives changed. I believe there are no coincidences and that we are all a part of God’s plan for something bigger and better. It was the way we met directly behind each other, how and why. Finally, we are all Christian Women who have been tested, but came away more determined and stronger. We are all sisters in step with life. Thank you wonderful women for being a catalyst as we each uses our testimonies to help other women. Without a test, there is no testimony!

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