Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Never Stop Looking or Researching- Second Opinions are a Must!

Never Stop Looking or Researching: Second Opinions are a Must!

Three years ago, I took a bad fall when my boot caught into the hem of my skirt.   I fell into the garage onto my knees on the concrete.  I was so thankful by head didn't hit the bumper of my car that I never realized weeks and months later the excruciating pain I was having might be the result of the fall.  That's because the pain was coming from my calf.  Missed trips, canceled vacations, partial forced retirement, unable to exercise or do anything strenuous, visits to emergency rooms, urgent care, doctor’s visits, because no x-rays could identify this pain.  Everything came back okay. 

Finally, after much research on Google, I got a clue.  So for almost two years I was treated for Fibromyalgia and Arthritis. The diagnosis just didn't sit right with me. My searches lead me to torn ligaments and a pinched nerve in my back.  Next I sought specialists who requested MRI's and within two visits I knew what was wrong. I had torn ligaments in my knee and a pinched nerve in my back. All the pain, the tears, the pretending to not limp when the pain was killing me.  I worked and lived in pain. Everyone asks, "How did you take that much pain and not complain?"  I was so thankful to be among the living and the blessed I didn't complain, but I never stopped looking for a reason.  Well, I complain to my husband and daughter who had to take care of the house and chores.

I had outpatient surgery on my knee.  I am looking forward to having a pain-free existence.  Well, at least I will be able to walk without limping and maybe wear some cute shoes again. LOL.  Then we'll start the therapy for the pinched nerve.  But through all of this, I found I am one strong willed person to have worked and lived through this pain. I never used the pain to stay away from work.I'm thankful it's about to be over.  Keep me in prayer. I cannot wait until I can slip on a pair of cute shoes.  So thankful!

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