Monday, August 25, 2014

Mom and the Cat

((Rose with one of the kittens from the first litter)

Most people would not believe this story, and sometimes I don't either even though I am living it.  My mother is super generous and sensitive.  She loves animals and people just the same.  If you need a place to lay your head and she has room, she will allow you to stay with her until her children get involved and put the person out. So sometimes ago, this cat shows up and walks into the house and befriend mom.  For a couple of months, the cat came to mom for food and shelter.  We all begin to notice this cat was pregnant.  One day, the cat sneaks in five new kittens.  Mom didn't know they were there hidden in one of her rooms until she heard them crying.  Several days later family members took the kittens to others.    Saturday I was talking to mom and my niece opened the door to come into the house, and in runs the cat with something in her mouth, I'm screaming, "get that cat out of here, she brought a dead animal in the house."  My nephew and another relative jumps into action. They search everywhere and cannot find the cat and her visitor.  When she finally comes out, I notice how skinny the cat is, and we realize she is sneaking her babies in the house. One by one, she brings her kittens in, every time the door swings open.  We stand and watch her as she strutted by with a kitten by the throat and takes it to her declared room.  Okay, we all feel sorry for the cute cat, but who does she belongs too and why does she keeps getting pregnant and coming to mom's home?  Well, I couldn't make the cat leave because I felt sorry for her and wanted her babies safe.  Who allows a cat to come visit, and then she brings her entire new family without permission.  Cats are like people.  If you give them an inch, they'll take a mile. Tomorrow, I will contact someone on behalf of the cat to come get her and her five babies. 

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