Saturday, April 09, 2011

Historic Trimming of the Budget Affects Us All

To make a difference people are going to have to stand up and fight with protests & votes. The benefits of the politicians should be on the table too. Let the people vote on their wages! When the smoke clears from this historic trimming of the budget, there will probably be more layoffs, more programs for the poor & seniors cut. The problem I have with this is people are going to eat if they have to rob me or you. So cutting the most vulnerable & desperate still hurts the rest of us.

In a short period of time in the St. Louis area bank robberies have increased by tenfold. When people are desperate and cannot find jobs, they will do whatever it takes to eat and care for their families. If this means putting a gun to our faces as we leave our homes and jobs, they will do it.

We cannot be successful when others are hurting. I know people will say this is not true. But if I have something and another person feels they need it too, they will kill, maim and rob to get it. So in essence what I worked for will be taken. Something is going to have to give. The politicians as well as the people are going to have to help figure out how to get this country back on its feet. Otherwise we need to all stay on bended knee praying for Gods' help. Without His intervention we are all headed for hard times. Everything is going up. Natural disasters are destroying people's homes and their lives. Food, insurance, health care, prescriptions, gas everything is up and we still cutting those who are hurting the most.


BostonPobble said...

THIS! I get that hard choices will have to be made and hard cuts need to happen. But there are other places from where those cuts can come and we need to start looking at those options, not just keep looking at the most vulnerable of us.

Diedra B said...

They still get no excuse. When times are good, people are still robbing, murdering, and maiming. There are so many programs, opportunities, and benevolent societies out there but some people never want to do things the "right" way. Their every thought is to do evil. They will waste their own time to steal something they could have received for free in half the time.

Rose said...

@ Boston: I know choices need to be made. I'm with you on this. What bothers me is the vulnerability of those who need help the most being the first to cut.

Rose said...

@ Diedra:
You are right people who do these things can do better and those who kill and maim and rob may do those things anyway. What I don't want is an increase in crimes as a result of new people becoming poorer and hungry. Those programs you speak of are the ones they are talking about cutting. So since folks can not get help there, cannot find jobs, food pantries depleted, gas sky high, where will they get what they need to survive. Unfortunately from those who are working and trying to make it themselves.