Friday, April 29, 2011

Random Stuff

Ok I have to get back to my blogging. I kinda got bogged down with so much happening these days. We have seen tornadoes, earthquakes and tsunamis and all kinds of crime and stuff going on. It's enough to wear you out but I know that faith can carry you through all this. God is so much bigger than what is happening and soon this stuff will be over. But until then let's do what we can to help those affected by these natural disasters.

We almost experienced the destruction of a tornado but it changed it direction and went about 20 miles across from us destroying whole neighborhoods. Though I feel blessed that God covered us, I feel sad that people lost their homes and many their lives. We don't know from day to day when our day will come but we must be steadfast, supportive of those who are hurting, and stay in prayer.

Some things that are happening:

I enjoyed the wedding of Prince Williams and Princess Katherine (Kate). It was beautiful to see so much love and happiness when so much suffering is going on. I wish them the best.

Trump thinks he coerced the President into giving a copy of his birth certificate but all the President did was remove the stupid stuff away so he can focus on real issues. Ok since the President did that- what's Trumps agenda besides asking now for the Presidents report card? Are you serious? Is this the person folks really want in office? Where is he now? I haven't heard anything about his agenda or how he is going to address all these problems, economics, joblessness, homelessness, natural disasters- where are you Trump?

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Anonymous said...

Thank goodness the tornado spared you and your family! I will definitely like your fb page when I get home and can access fb.

Diedra said...

all Donald Trump did was encourage me. You have to draw energy from the haters. They wouldn't be hating so much if you weren't doing something amazing.

Dr. Deb said...

How scary! The weather has been so harsh this year.