Thursday, February 03, 2011

Poor Kim
Poor Kim Kardashian. She keeps getting tricked into modeling nude. Yeah right! Enjoy your money! You are an exhibitionist. I'm not mad at you. If you like modeling nude- stop complaining when the public complains. Continue to do you and make your millions but quit the "they lied to me junk".

You are not dumb! You are good at marketing and becoming this media personality, you wanted so badly.


BostonPobble said...

She's at a photo shoot. Naked. In spray paint. With pictures being taken. How is she confused about the fact that she is posing nude? Like you, I'm not at all angry. She's beautiful and I think the female form should be celebrated. But celebrate it; don't insult us when people don't react the way she wanted them to.

Drina said...

This is something else. No one tricks you to be nude; you choose to take such photos including on the cover of the magazine. I'm quite sure she got paid and willing to do what it takes to make that dinero...but is it worth your sanity and publicity scrutiny.