Monday, February 07, 2011

I am a natural born Social Worker. These are supposed to be the characteristics of a social worker- they are non- prejudice, accepting, treat people with respect, enjoy assisting people in their growth, not condescending, doesn’t believe I am smarter than everybody and that I have all the answers. But I am person who believes people in general want to be all they can be with the right resources. But I know some people are not going to make it, because they simply do not want too. I also know there are a lot of social workers who don’t have these characteristics in the field.

So why am I stressed out! My daughter informed me that she wants to be a social worker. No, baby! Please don’t do this to yourself. Why don’t you follow in your dad’s steps? Learn how to write computer programs, break down computers, analyze hard data, understand stocks, bonds and finances and learn how to save all your money and not give it away like a social worker.

The difference between the two: no money, lay-offs, but satisfying indeed. The other is the ability to make more money, more money, more money & more money, stable jobs, etc.

Why couldn’t she be like daddy?

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BostonPobble said...

Noooo!!!! Tell her to run!!!! LOL