Friday, January 28, 2011

Bristol Palin Dropped From Abstinence Panel

It amazes me how powerful Republicans are? If they want to uplift someone and make them famous and rich, they have the power to do so. Take Bristol Palin, who got pregnant, dropped out of school, went to get a GED or Diploma and is being paid $20,000 and up to talk about Abstinence. What’s wrong with this story? Black families and other minorities have seen nothing but teen pregnancy in our communities. The teens and their families struggle to live hand to mouth, no baby sitters, education or fulfillment of dreams in many cases but no one offered to pay them one dime to convince others to abstain. I would like to see girls who are truly struggling preach abstinence because they are the ones who knows how having a baby at a young age, unmarried and uneducated can negatively affect their lives and their earning power. What can a rich girl who gets paid up to $30,000 dollars per speech instill in young girls?

The good thing is the University decided to drop her which I believe all colleges should. If she really wants to help, maybe she could go talk to elementary kids free, and visit churches. Her voice cannot help college students who are pursuing their education. After all, she dropped out and has not even attended a college. Why would they listen to her? Is Bristol Palin the new voice for rich, white girls in college because she sure doesn’t have any words of wisdom that could help a poor black girl?

If it wasn’t for rich Republicans and her mother, tell me who would really hire her and pay that kind of money to save our kids from her trials and tribulations. Some of our kids will only make 20,000 per year, because of a lack of education, not pregnancy. To get 20,000 per speech, would definitely be far reaching.

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BostonPobble said...

Thank goodness someone has shown some sense!