Tuesday, June 02, 2009


St. Louis City is now the 2nd highest city in the United States for murder. Wow and it is not even summer yet. Though I do not live in the city, I work there and to see and hear about all this senseless killing is enough to make you absolutely sick, terrified and certainly pissed off.

The young folks are killing each other like it isn’t anything and no matter what civil rights' leaders, politicians and parents are trying to do to stop it, the numbers of young people killed are increasing. I'm not talking about one person being killed, it's multiples. Three teens in one car, two in another, walking down the streets, walking into a store, it doesn't matter; these kids are doing this in broad daylight. Mercy on us all!

When it gets hotter, it is predicted to get worse, but honestly, it is the worst I have ever heard about and I hear this is happening all across the country.

I used to worry if my daughter would have any one to marry; now I worry if we'll all make it alive through the summer. With the economy getting worse, and jobs more scarce, it just gives them another reason to rob and kill. Short of sending these gun-killing- happy young men to Iraq to fight in the war since they want to fight for nothing, give them something to fight for. But then again, not having a heart- they would probably turn the gun on their own troop.


kathi said...

It's unbelievably sad that there are so many that put such little value on human life. Unfortunately, it's not just the youth. I just don't get it...and I'm so glad I don't.

Momma Bear said...

Wow, this is DEEP to say the least. Yes, it is really getting scary. I was thinking about this same thing last week. Here where I live, there is a high school where several of the kids have committed suicide. I am thinking that all of this is prophecy. We really need to focus on the Lord more and more in our daily lives; hoping that none of this will cross our paths and praying that these behaviors will cease. Good post.