Friday, May 15, 2009

Too Trusting for Her Own Good

I don't care how many times I tell my mother you can't trust people, she still gives them the benefit of a doubt. Since she thinks everybody deserves trust, tell me then, why did someone steal $110.00 dollars out of her purse? Then she had the nerves to call me to say, "You need to take off work and see who took my money."

Truthfully, I didn't even get mad. It was quite funny to me. Not that her money was stolen but because the same kids she trust so much, when I keep telling her to keep them away, will be right back over. Fortunately, I've asked a niece to move in with her to look out for her. Mom is strong and can take care of herself. What I don't like is she thinks she is so cool with everyone and that the friends her children knew when we were in high school are still the same. She just thinks that no one will do harm to her. Plus it could have been a relative who took it since I suspect two are crackheads but mother keeps saying I think everyone is a crackhead and it is not true. Mothers! You can't help but love them!


kathi said...

It's so sad. Really.

Momma Bear said...

Your mother sounds like a wonderful person. You sound like a caring daughter also. Just keep her in your prayers and always let her know how much you love her.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"Truthfully, I didn't even get mad. It was quite funny to me."

What's funny is her calling you to stop everything and find out who stole her money. Hysterical!

Also, you thinking everyone is a crack head. I can't stop giggling!

On a serious note, she needs to hide her wallet when there's a knock at the door. Really!