Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On Making Her Feel She is the Only One

Should a man catered to his wife insecurities by making her feel ever so important? A man should make his wife feel that she is the only one, the love of his life, but if she doesn’t, whose problem is it? I need this information to help someone.


chele said...

If a husband isn't contributing to her insecurities and he is making a sincere effort to let her know that he loves and cherishes her ... if she still feels insecure than it is truly her problem and she may need to speak to someone professionally about her feelings of insecurity.

Anonymous said...

tricky question, a man should cater to his wife because he wants to..he wants her to know how special she is to him (and vice-versa), but just by catering to her insecurities is not going to stop her from having them..this is a deep rooted problem she has with him, and I'm sure its from past slights. They should talk to a counselor to get to the root of it since he'll start resenting her for his "catering" since he is doing it as a band aid rather than out of sincerity.

renita said...

Here's my 2 cents...

A husband's God-given role in the family is "provider, protector, nurturer".
Nurturing his wife is not the same as "catering".
Out of his love for his wife he should want to reassure her, build her, comfort her.
I believe that love heals. But it is a time consuming doesn't happen quickly. Most people I've know expect healing to occur over night, within a week or just doesn't happen that way.
As Anony said, counseling is so important.
Essentially we are each responsible for our own feelings, actions, inactions, responses, etc.
It's easy to abdigate (sp?) our responsibility for healing by blaming someone else.
It's easy to miss our opportunity to participate in someone's healing because it requires self sacrifice, patience, and self-surity.
Through counseling she'll learn how to heal and he'll learn how to love her while healing...

Anonymous said...

How long have they been married? Curious.

Marriage is meant to be a sure thing, once you've committed to be with one another through sickness and health...for richer or poorer...there's no guessing about the love, or least there shouldn't be.

Now there may be an issue as to how one shows it. In that case, that means either counseling and/or self-growth.

I wish them the best!

GC (God's Child) said...

I vote with Chele
some people have issues beyond their marriage/relationship