Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I am so proud of our latest venture. See below...

Prioritybooks Publications recently signed national best selling author, Keisha Ervin. Ervin is the author of five Essence Best Sellers, Chyna Black, Me & My Boyfriend, Mina's Joint, Hold U Down, and Torn. Currently, residing in St. Louis, Missouri, she has penned for Prioritybooks Publications a beautiful love story, Finding Forever. A St. Louis resident Keisha is a successful writer and a proud mother.

It is said that if you let something go and it returns, it was always yours to begin with. Does true love really exist? Can two people with two different backgrounds find true love? For the answer to that question read Keisha’s newest book, Finding Forever. Finding Forever is filled with drama, love disloyalty, and hope for the future.

Prioritybooks Publications is a book publishing company that started as a result of the owner, Rose Jackson-Beavers desire to control her own publishing destiny. Since its’ inception in 2005, she has published 17 authors including herself. Prioritybooks has also expanded its services to include advertisements, Press Kit Preparation, Target Market Press Kit Distribution, Target Market Promotional, Mailings and publishing workshops.

Editor’s note: For more information about Finding Forever or to schedule an interview with Keisha Ervin call Prioritybooks at 314-306-2972 or write to You may also contact the author at Finding Forever will be available August 25, 2008 at books stores everywhere.


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Congratulations Rose!!!

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As a married woman I'd love your feedback on my latest question.

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