Saturday, August 30, 2008

No More Pain.....Please

Hurricane threatening New Orleans

My heart can not take seeing so many folks suffering again.......they have been told to evacuate. This is bad.......pray for the people and the place they call home......


Brotha Buck said...

Looks to be the big one. I hope they take heed and get out of there.

Momma Bear said...

I pray that it will calm down before it does any damage. Nothing is impossible for God so I will definitely pray for them.

Clare said...

Hi Rose
Hope all is okay with you.
I read that this storm is not as bad as Katrina and thank goodness they got people to evacuate this time. I hate to think how much damage it has done though.
I have a new blog now and you can find me at

wooferad said...

Hi Rose, your blog is awesome.. can you plz add my blog in your blogroll..

Deb said...

I cringe whenever hurricane season begins. So from June to October, I'm a wreck!

Stephen Bess said...

...and still praying. How have you been?

Jdid said...

looks like they got spared

rebecca said...

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