Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Are you Creative?

We have so any talents. Some we don’t even know about yet. But lately as a means to handling stress, I am finding out that I can be very creative. I’ve made many things, some I may never use. But exploring my creative energy helps me to relieve stress and that’s feels wonderful.

My friend helped me with the pottery type activities and the head. She also taught me how to design table plants.

This is my hand. I put a fake diamond in my hand and dipped it into this cement type stuff. I can't remember the name but I love the fact that it is my own hand.

Mom and I bonded over an activity together. I found out that she is very creative and made all our clothes as babies. She even sewed some by hand. She can sing, act, write, and recite and come up with beautiful poems and stories. These are our hands dipped in the same material. I pressed my fingers down too hard.

I even scrapbook.

The positive head is something that I look at regularly. It all kinds of positive messages on it to help me remain positive and to stay focus on my goals. I made two heads. One in my bedroom and one in my office. It is said that if you see positive things, keep positive energy around you and list your goals and dreams on paper, this will help you to internalize things and move you forward toward success. Something like the Secret tape and books suggest. I have been doing this for years. Messages on my head include things like power, positive self esteem, successful business owner, happy marriage, great health for me and family, peace, etc. My husband claims my heads scare him and sometimes he removes them out of his vision. I guess if you woke up through the night and saw it you might think it was someone standing there who shouldn't be.

I love photography. I think an extension of photography is graphic art. It's how I see things in my head. Most of the covers designed by my company are from my imagination. I create in my head then seek out scenes. My favorite season is fall and I do love seeing snow on bare trees. These pictures were taken in November. People comment about how green my neighborhood is in the cold winter months- I just think it's because it was once a forest.

When I am filled with anxiety I love to crotchet. I make scarves, all kinds of hats and baby blankets. My family members laughed at my stuff until we had that very bad storm last year. Everybody wanted my hats, gloves and blankets. The baby blankets are the best thing I make. But we have had six babies in the family and all received a baby blanket. I wished I took pictures. When I really get in the mood I make hat and scarves and donate them to charity.

Finally, I can sing well enough to do solos, write poetry and opinion & current events type articles for a local newspaper. I also write articles for church newsletter and I am an author. I do too many things, but I can't stand an idled mind. These activities are good stress relievers.
What do you do?


Momma Bear said...

Rose -- I am so impressed with you. Your talents are many and so are your strengths. I admire you. In fact, tell me about some of your books. I would love to get one or more to read. I'm sure they are great reading.

kathi said...

I loved this, and the hand (both the one with yours and the one with both yours and your moms) are just such great stuff, something to truly treasure for many years passed down from one generation to the next. I'd love to have my grandmothers and my moms hands. What a great idea.

When I'm stressed, and this has been a habit for years and years, I picture myself riding in the palms of God's hands...and it calms me.

bunny said...

You're an artist Rose. I'm pretty crafty myself. I scrapbook like a maniac. Those postive heads you have are cool but if I saw one in the dark, I'd be scurred!! I make posters with beautiful black women of all shapes, sizes, ages and shades for the Dollface to see that "we" are beautiful because it simply is not said enough in our society.

princessdominique said...

I love photography too and I think f you are creative, you've have a range of things you're creative with. Don't get me started making a list.

Paula D. said...

Very nice skills :-)

Luke Cage said...

I'm so impressed by your various talents miss Rose! It's great to have so many of them at your disposal to run to when things begin to get humdrum. You know my story. The art, the web designing and the creating something out of nothing works wonders for me. I added oil painting to my repertoire several years ago. Besides airbrushing, that one truly does the trick for me. Kudo's luv!

Nitty-Gritty said...

Very nice creativity. I am also creative, when i am feeling down that seems to get my mind thingking and exploring my creativity.--Nice

Sharon said...

Ms. Rose we simply must get together one of these days as we are both here in the Lou and have so many things in common.

I write (fiction/non-fiction and poetry plus the blog), crochet, love photography, play piano, garden, and a host of other things.

I'd also love to make a hand sculpture with my Mother and Grandmother as I think the ones on your post are beautiful literally and symbolically.

With so much talents and so many gifts, you truly are blessed!

Anonymous said...

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