Monday, June 04, 2007

Just thinking About things:

Not a laughing or joking matter!

People who are anorexic are struggling daily to live. They have serious problems with their organs and emotions. It’s weird that Nicole makes such jokes about herself when I know victims of this disease who died looking like this. It is said that she, Nicole Richie thought it would be funny to make fun of her recent DUI arrest and her so–call eating disorder rumors. So she sent email invites to friends for her Memorial Day party. Her message encouraged invitees to "celebrate our country by drinking massive amounts of beer.” It also announced the enforcement of a “weight code” instead of dress code. She writes, "There will be a scale at the front door. No girls over 100 pounds allowed in. Start starving yourself now." - Someone sent the e-mail to tabloid magazine, In Touch Weekly. I wonder is she laughing now.

Should she or shouldn’t she?

How much loyalty should you give to a family who saved you and your moms from poverty? That’s the question that Kelly must ask herself? All over the Internet I read people saying that she should sever her music career from the Knowles. People are saying that Beyonce and her family is constantly sabotaging Kelly’s career. They are saying that Kelly had the cover of Vibe magazine but Beyonce’s people called and got it for Beyonce. Unfortunately Kelly was supposed to get the cover to coincide with the release of her new CD. I wonder why Beyonce isn’t writing hits for Kelly. But remember Kelly is a millionaire now when initially she started living with the Knowles because her mother was a house keeper who allowed her only child to live with the Knowles to have a better life. The Internet bloggers and others in the industry are saying that she should seek new management. I think she is a great singer with poor musical material. To top it, I think the girl is plain gorgeous.

Talks loud but saying nothing!

What is it about Elizabeth Haselback that bothers me? I can barely stand her or her views. I am normally a person who will listen to anyone’s opinions but she gets to running her mouth and flying off the handle without listening. She is such a butt kisser to the Bush administration. I wonder what is it she wants the liberals to give her for supporting them.
I do like Rosie but she gets on my nerves too. I think she force fed her relationship with- is it Kelly or what to the public. Yep, we know you love her but calm down. We don’t have to know everything about her relationship. Still- I am glad that she went off on Elizabeth though Ms. Liberal still didn’t get it.


BostonPobble said...

1. Until she admits her problem Richie and all other anorexics like her *must* minimize by joking about it. Otherwise, it is too scary; too big; too whatever. The jokes are a way of pretending to deal with it so she doesn't have to deal with it. Please note, I'm not ~ NOT ~ condoning. Simply explaining.

2. Love is one thing. Loyalty is another. If the Knowles family really is sabotaging her career (I know nothing except what I have just read here) then she is justified in getting different management and trying to work her way as far as she can. The key is not forgetting where she came from and always being grateful.

3. Again, I know nothing about Hasselbeck. And nothing about O'Donnell since she left her talk show lo those many years ago. I do know I am annoyed by the coverage of the situation showing up on my homepage and being touted as "news." It's not news ~ it's a catfight. Leave it in the tabloids where it belongs. Jeeez.

Of course, all this and a buck fifty...

chele said...

Nicole is so deep in denial it's crazy. I thought she was adorable when she was heavier. Much healthier looking. Now she looks like she's about to drop dead.

Kelly needs to understand that she doesn't have to mix family with business. It's time for her to move on and find management that doesn't involve such a conflict of interest.

That whole View drama is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

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