Saturday, January 13, 2007

To I don't feel older, just better..

What a dress!!

My girlfriend called me and said “turn on the television; turn on the People Choice Awards.” As I am trying to turn to the show and not miss my Law and Order, she is still talking about how great Halle looks in this dress. Finally, I see her, and the dress. She does look stunning. I remember a time when I would have look like that too. As a matter of fact I still have many pictures of me with head turning dresses on my body. Yep, I had and I say that with a little envy, had a great body like Halle. I lost that in my early thirties more than ten years ago. To pull off wearing a dress like this you can’t have any excess weight because this glove-fitting dress will definitely tell everyone were your flab problems are.

Now I feel sorry for Star Jones. Most people would love to have a body like Halle. They will do plenty of things for it. They take all kinds of pills, surgery, stop eating, and throwing up after every meal, all with the desire to look great. But even surgery can’t promise you a body like Halle because excessive weight loss means excessive skin. With that much skin that has to be removed you might end up with scars everywhere. I wondered does Star regret the weight loss surgery she had? She doesn’t look happy even smiling to me and the make-up and stuff she has to cover herself in just look weird. I'm sure she is much healthier at the lesser weight, but the cost to pay for health and slimness is sometimes too high. Still, I'm sure Star did the right thing for her and that's all that count.

But for me, I’ll just keep eating healthy and trying to get in walks and exercising to be healthy and to lose excess weight.


CQ said...

Happy Birthday Rose! I hope youhave a very blessed day filled with much happiness. Halle does look very good in that dress and she is wearing it to death!!! Starr looks sick in the face to me with her weight lose, although as you said it may be healthier for her medically. I just hope she is happy.

TTD said...

im with you on that weight lost strategy!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nevah~ said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday To you, Happy Birthday to ROssse, Happy Birthday to you!

And many more!!!

I had to change my blog url by creating a new blog. For some reason Blogspot wouldn't allow me access to Phases of Writing. (crying)

Shai said...

Happy Birthday Rose!!!

I was once skinny and still could not have worn what Halle has on. LOL. I have not hips or butt. I was and am mostly chest and legs.

It is about accentuating the right parts. Not covering things up with big clothes or flashing folks either. I have learned being skinny and not with extra weight were what looks good on you. No use comparing. I will never have hips or a butt. I have nice hands, a smile, feet, legs and chest. So i am going to work it.

urban butterfly said...

Happy Birthday, Beautiful Rose!!!! Hope you had a wonderful day and I wish you many, many, many, many more!!!

Love you!!


The Gig said...

Hope you are having a happy and blessed birthday. I always enjoy reading your posts.

I imagine a lot of people are wishing they could present like Halle Berry. She is definitely a knock out.

Again, Happy Birthday!!!

Ruben said...

Happy Birthday rose. Are you over the age of 21 now?

Clare said...

Belated Happy Birthday Rose and hope you had a lovely day.

Rosemarie said...

Happy Birthday!

Halle is smokin'.
Star needs a stylist.

What is star doing these days? I liked her better as a big girl. She had style then...and plenty of it!

Drop by my blog Monday for a drama post...Trump vs. Rosie and click on the link to rap artist Jin.
Voice on Miscellaneous Matters

Anonymous said...

I'm torn again. I think I like the Halle dress now. Your pictures are better than mine.

princessdominique said...


Deb S. said...

Happy Birthday, Rose.

bunny said...

I'm so late in wishing you a Happy Birthday Rose. I hope your day was filled with love and joy.

JerseyTjej said...

Happy Birthday, Rose! I have been under the house/weather/computer for a while so I am visiting old hits! I need a good diet, send me one! I will also be glad when I can complain of empty nest. Halle looks better in that dress than I did (snort!)
Jag Mor Hon Leva!

Nancy said...


My body is far from perfect BUT I like being a tall (5'9"+), curvy girl. A lot. I just like it when people are confident who they are, big or small. Now that's attractive.

Confession: Star looks kind of...dried out to me.

chele said...

Happy Birthday, Rose.

Halle looks great.
Star looks ... not-so-great. If saggy, scarred skin is the price you have to pay to be thin ... I think I'd rather be fat.

Sleepless Writer said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Rose!

I missed the People Choice Awards, oh well, the Golden Globe is just around the corner.

Speaking of Star Jones, you can lose weight but sometimes you can lose too much weight.

Michelle said...

Hey Rose -- Happy birthday! I hope it is an amazingly memorable one for you.

TJ said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Halle looks great. Something seems like it isnt right with Star to me. I think it's because of the rapid rate of weight loss. I hope that things work out for her.

LadyLee said...


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