Monday, January 15, 2007

I have been tagged by Urban Butterfly

1. I think everyone who knows me realize that I am a talker. I get along well with others and when I am comfortable I can talk better than a talk host. But truthfully I am very shy and could never see myself eating alone in a restaurant or going to a movie. It’s hard to walk into a room or a group, but once I get started that’s it.

2. I am a columnist for a local newspaper and I can really work a room as a presenter. Unique right since I am shy. But when I get a microphone in my hand I become another person.3. My favorite perfume is Samsera by Guerlain. I can tolerate Design. Mostly everything else makes me sick on my stomach.

4. I love Music of all kinds but my favorite is gospel. I also love me some Al Green, and other oldies but goodies. Oldies are about living, life and love. This stuff today doesn’t really touch my soul. When I was younger into my teen years, my siblings and I were called the Jackson Family (gospel singing) and traveled throughout the city singing at requests.

5. My favorite pastime is writing. It totally soothes my soul and relaxes every muscle in my body.

6. I am most comfortable in a suit. I feel professional and comfortable. I also love sweater skirts and sweaters. I rarely wear pants at all. Maybe once a month to run to the store, or when I wear jogging pants to exercise. Blue jeans! What's those?

7. When I am stressed out I like to take a bubble bath, and read. Then what ever or who ever stressed me out will hear from me because I have to talk about it.

8. I don't like people to give up. All obstacles can be moved or broken through.

9. I am not a very good runner. I have tried it but can’t get the swing of doing it. Though in my dreams I am a great marathon runner. I am thinking about training for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society marathon this summer. So I need to start training. Want to participate go to

10. My indulgence is shoes and purses and clothes. I loved to shop in private in quiet places. I have so many shoes it is sad. I spend huge amounts of money on shoes. My shoes don’t have to be expensive but comfortable. I purchase them on the low end and high end. Every six months are so I visit my sisters and give them dozen of pairs. I get bored easily with shoes. I have four closets full of clothes plus this is crazy I know…once there was a local clothing store closing; I went and ask it I could have their steel clothing racks on wheels. So I have a huge one that holds a plenty of clothing and a circular one and they are full to capacity. I know I have a problem and my husband is really helping me with it. The bad thing is- my daughter has inherited


Brownsoul said...

Happy Be-lated Birthday. I definitely feel you on #7. And I too am a shoe fiend, but I can refrain from buying too many pair most of the time. However, I rarely wear anything other than this one pair of clogs and my work shoes, so it's ridiculous how many pairs of shoes I have that I've never worn before.

Anonymous said...

Wow...we have that in common! I'm a talker, once I warm up...but in actuality, I'm very quiet and somewhat shy in certain situations.

I'm learning alot of new fragrances by reading everyone's responses. I've never heard of Samsera. I guess I have alot of smell testing to do! =)

I LOVE Al Green. I listened to him the most while growing up. That's all my grandparents played.

I love reading and writing. But there's something about reading that makes me feel soooo good!!

Wow...interesting!! I am the LEAST comfortable in a suit!! lol. It seems like we are complete opposites when it comes to this. I love to wear jeans and pants. I really don't like dresses and skirts all that much. Can you believe I don't own any dresses or skirts?!? =)

A bubble bath sounds good!! I should try that one when I'm stressed.

I agree with you 100%!! I'm living proof that all obstacles can be overcome!!

One of my favorite things to do is run. I used to run track and cross country in middle and high school. My dad was a runner as well, so maybe I inherited that from him. I love to run, but I don't know about running a marathon!!!

That's some indulgence!! You sound like my mom & grandma! They have so much clothes, shoes and handbags that they don't know what to do with all of it. I didn't inherit that from my mom, but my younger sister did. I think I'm more like my dad. He was always a low maintenance kinda guy who didn't really care about what he was wearing. And sadfully so, I'm the same way!! lol. Except, I care enough about what I'm wearing so that I can be presentable to people. Well, I say you only live once!! Buy all the clothes, shoes and handbags you want!! =)

Thanks for completing the tag! I enjoyed your answers =)

Much love!


Rosemarie said...

I really like eating out alone and going to movies. I've done it for years. Now, since my daughter was born, I do lunch instead of dinner and a movie. Like you, I’m sure some of my favorites will be passed on to her. :)

Thanks for the insight on your passion for clothes. Wow! I'm jealous. I bet because you're a runner they probably ALL fit!

Rose said...

thank you Brownsoul for the Birthday wish. Sometimes I buy the same shoe in different colors and there are too many that are still new in the box, because you find that one pair that feels so good you never want to stop wearing them.

Rose said...

Hi Urban butterfly: this was fun to do. Thanks for tagging me. Yes we do have a lot in common. I grew up listening to Al with my brothers who performed his songs in talent shows.

On the shoes and clothes, I hid them from my husband sometimes because I know I have a problem. But since my daughter is in college and we are footing the bill I am getting way better...I mean wayyy better. I am more responsible. Plus what else do I need? (LOL)

Rose said...

Rosemarie- Would you believe my name is rose maria and my dad called me rosemarie or marie when he was angry at me when I was younger? If I heard him say, "come here marie", I knew I was in subject..I know..but I don't run.. I want too badly but can't seem to stick to it. Yeah the clothes fit and those that didn't I gave away. There are some I will not wear until I lose about 15 pounds cause I can see some areas that need addressing on the body....

princessdominique said...

Hope your birthday was a blast. Not sure why Blogger was posting me anonymous!

getzapped said...

The last line cracked me up! It's always interesting to read these tags and learn about someone you've never met. Thanks for sharing yourself and good luck with the marathon training!


Rosemarie said...

WOW! That's too funny on the name thing. My name is one word...Rosemarie, and on the subject, I despise when people call me Rosemary.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm encouraged by this creative bunch. It feels good!

Shawn said...

Well, Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

#10 is pretty funny. Clothing store racks? Ha!

Anonymous said...

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