Wednesday, January 17, 2007

American Idol-
the family show

There is one show that families can watch together and laugh until their sides hurt. This very popular show that has produced successful singers who would probably have never made it to the top is the ‘American Idols;. Singers such as Ruben, Fantasia, Kelly, Taylor Hicks, and others are making major splashes in the entertainment world. But the most exciting and endearing person is Jennifer Hudson, star of Dreamgirls. Jennifer has quieted the nay sayers who rejected her and sent her packing.
Thank heavens they did for if she had remained, her trek to superstardom may not be as bright. When she wins the Oscar it will be the highest award that a person from this show has received. It will prove once and for all that losers do win.

I can’t wait to see the bright eyed future stars and to see how they fare. Sadly, though it pained me to see those who really believed that they had talent rejected in such a horrible way. You can only prayed that they will take that rejection and use it to strengthen whatever they dream to be and not to allow this rejection to send them on a path of destruction. After all how would you feel it 30 million watched as someone said you were horrible….those are the moments that silence my laughter.


Rosemarie said...

JenJennifer Hudson a beauty to behold…look at that dress...classy and beautiful.

Dreams do come true and I hoping that she wins the Oscar too!

It was distressing at times to see the auditions, especially for one of the last, a teenage boy crying. I could feel his pain.

chele said...

This is why I can't watch the early episodes of Idol. The cruelty that is associated with the rejection is just too much for me to bear.

JerseyTjej said...

we don't get Idol until it is half way run in America. I usually have to YouTube it if I want to know what is going on.
I love JH and she is a classy and beautiful young woman to boot!

TDJ said...

I guess I really am a little on the evil side. *lol* I love the early shows. I'd rather watch these, then just tune in when it's down to the last 4 or 5 singers. I think if you place yourself in that audition room for judging, you have no room to complain about your treatment.

And usually, the judges are only nasty to the ones that "fight back". Just take your rejection and move on. I blame family and friends for hyping these folks up, "Oh girl, you sound great." and "Oh yeah, Idol is coming to town, you should definitely audition." Boo! Folks need to be told when they aren't talented.

LadyLee said...

I was glad to see Jennifer win! I hope she wins the Oscar. I just remember how Simon was putting her down on the Idol show, saying she was over the top, etc. Hope she dedicates that Oscar to Simon!

The early Idol episodes are like train wrecks. And what's a shame is that they do that to people on purpose. Geez.

TJ said...

Jennifer Hudson is a GREAT inspiration. The fact that she went through what she went through on Idol, kept going, and did such a stellar performance in her movie DEBUT should be an inspiration to anyone who has been told that they "don't make the cut" in their field. Patti LaBelle was also told that she was too over the top and now she's a legend.

deb s. said...

I was really pulling for Jennifer Hudson when I learned that she was nominated for the Golden Globe. When I saw her in "Dreamgirls," I thought she was simply fantastic! So, of course, I was thrilled when I learned that she was honored at the Golden Globe ceremony. I rushed to write about her on my site.

I don't really follow "American Idol." I learned about Jennifer's "American Idol" exposure from my daughter when we went to see "Dreamgirls."

In the theatre, I whispered to my daughter, "Where did they find this girl?!"

In the theatre where we watched "Dreamgirls," the audience applauded several times.

Jennifer did a marvelous job of acting as well as singing. This gorgeous young lady has a bright future as an actor and a singer.

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