Sunday, September 08, 2013

Ugly Eye Fashions Become Cool Again

As a young girl, I would flip through magazines and look at careers, hairstyles, and clothing to see what I wanted in life. I saw an intelligent looking woman wearing these cool designers’ glasses, and I wanted them. I was eleven when I decided I had to have these particular glasses I saw on a model. I told mom, I had vision problems. When she took me to be examined, I pretended I couldn’t see the letters. I was given a prescription and next I was able to try on glasses. I tried on designer’s glasses until Momma said, “try these.” Having eight kids, she chose what I was getting based on what she was going to pay. I was so mad that mom would not give me my heart's desires. I had worn the glasses once or twice before I crunched them with something heavy. I was not wearing the ugly Superman, Clark Kent glasses.
As an adult, I have great vision. I need reading glasses only when I read small letters. I ended up purchasing the same reading glasses I crunched at 11-years-old. (Wearing them in the car) Now as an adult, I love reading glasses and I love to match the colors and shapes with what I wear. I have more than 30 pairs, but if I see something new and cute I will buy more pairs. Yesterday, my daughter bought me three more new pairs. The benefit of being young and living to see old ugly fashions become cool again decades later.





BostonPobble said...

Sunglasses have been my thing since I was in high school. Now that I have prescription glasses, I am learning the joys of accessorizing with them, as well. Curiously, a pair of my favorites are straight out of the 50s as well.

Rose said...

So cool Pobble!

Optickart said...

Good color and shape for your face. I hide my eye bags with mine and also add color.
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