Thursday, June 27, 2013

Why Do We Hate Each Other?

We all know if we want others to love us, we have to love ourselves and put into the universe a positive energy. All I have been reading about is the negative comments made against Rachel, the young girl testifying on behalf of Trayvon Martin. Someone said today, “I see why other races and cultures do not respect Black people. They do not respect themselves. Blacks put each other down, name call, do not support each other and are the first to throw negative comments out. Then they want to cry like little kids when others do the same thing. As a race, we need to stop and think how silly we look calling someone black, stupid or dumb.”

 I thought about this. Do we hate ourselves? If so, why? Is it because,

·       Our ancestors had to fight to stay on the slave ship ~ they fought each other for a spot. Those same negative feelings and behaviors are passed down from generations to generations.

·       Some parents never received love and do not know how to give love back. Some are like their parents. They cannot give what they've never had.

·       We have such a strong crab mentality that the moment someone is successful, we bring them back down. How dare they think they are better than me?

·       It is difficult to understand the value of being positive when everything we do is negative. “You are not going to be successful because we are going to keep you in the ghetto just like us. If Momma isn't happy, no one will be happy!”

·       If I talk about others, I can keep the focus off me.

I wish we could do better as people to love each other as God instructed us to in John 13:34 : A new commandment I give unto you that ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.

I know if we don’t start to lift each other up, we will continue to pick love ones and friends off the ground. When people don’t have love within their hearts, how can they love others? It's impossible to give people something you don't have. When we love each other, we don't want those we love to suffer. Just start by letting go of the negative feelings we have about ourselves.  Next show some positive love to another person.  Don’t say Rachel is illiterate; say Rachel is doing the best she can. We have to start somewhere.


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