Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tyler & Oprah

I’ve been reading some statuses about Tyler Perry, and they are mostly negative. I do not understand the negativity although I honestly try. I think about all the African Americans who are getting opportunities and paychecks to do what they love. I think about all the people especially unemployed actresses and actors who are working and feeding their families, and I feel proud. I think about how African Americans are on TV, and I’m excited we can see someone who looks like us. No, I do not like the downgrading reality shows that negatively exploit one's race. I also heard and read about the same negative exposure Oprah Winfrey received because to many people she was helping everybody else to succeed like Dr. Phil, Rachel Roy and Bob Green. People were angry she did not help her own race. Then I saw the people she employed. The people who were getting checks to take care of their families. I watched all the films she made, keeping Black actresses and actors working. I read about her giving millions to colleges, building schools, building homes for people and so much more. I wondered about the negative people what have they contributed to others.

Two powerful Blacks put their heads together to expand opportunities for others, but I read I do not respect Oprah she is working with Tyler Perry. What’s wrong with her? Why would she lower her standards to work with him? I think. Will Black folks ever get along? Will they ever find anything good in those who are trying to make a difference? Everything is not as bad as we make it. Maybe some of the folks, these two talented people are helping by giving them opportunities will reach back and make more positive movies, films and TV shows. Maybe they will be the difference the naysayers seek? Or, maybe not? They too may receive the same criticism Tyler and Oprah are receiving. I just want us to stop looking at the glass as half empty and see it as full but needing to run over. I want us to stop blocking our blessings and to be thankful people are in places making a difference. I know in my heart if Tyler or Oprah came knocking at our doors there is no way we'd slam it, denying us opportunities. Even though, Tyler wear dresses and Oprah provide opportunities to many while still admiring Tyler with or without his dresses. If we don’t reach out and support each other, tell me, who will?

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BostonPobble said...

I feel this way about women, as well. Why must we knock each other down for choosing to stay at home with our kids, or for choosing to go to work? For choosing to get married, or stay single? If we can't come together, nothing changes. If we can't start seeing the positive in each other, how can we expect men to?

No, it's not exactly the same, but I think, maybe, it's close.

As always, it's good to see you blogging.