Tuesday, January 01, 2013


Reflections We all need support to help us succeed in our careers As I look at year 2012 and the things I accomplished and the people I worked with over the years, I smile. There are some people who have made a difference in my life. I am reminded that without God I would not be here today, realizing that He puts people in our life to work miracles for us on his behalf. I am so grateful for His continued blessings and favor in my life. There is a saying I’ve heard that says, give me my flowers while I can smell them. I agree that when people in your life support your efforts, whether they are a mentor, a teacher or a person who encourages you, they should be recognized. No, they didn’t do it for accolades, but this is an example of pay it forward. We need to help uplift each other the best we can. We are at our best when we have love, encouragement and help easing us over the hurdles and through the bumps as we search to do the things we love. My journey has been one of pleasure. I haven’t had many bumps in this life because these same people have uplifted me and introduced me to people who would become important in assisting me with carving my own path. To those who have inspired me, I want to give you flowers so you can smell them and while I still have breath in my body to continue to pursue my dreams, I want to say thank you. Landall Mack & Ledora Williams ~ high school counselors who encouraged me to go to college. I was planning on going to the Air Force and they helped me at the last minute to get accepted because I was so late in applying. Everyone should have people like these inside of the school system to motivate and encourage students to do their best and to seek education. Ledora also helped me in my second full time professional job. Vera DePriest ~ Gave me my first part time professional job that helped me in my field. Taught me how to make checks and designate taxes in all categories. This experience has benefitted me in my companies today. Jacqui Contejean: Helped me to develop skills to facilitate and train large groups. Taught me how to burn the midnight oil. Great mentor! David Coverstone: Took a chance with me by sending me cross country to launch new companies. Business mentor! George Mitchell: Told me while I was in high school to return home to find my own gold after graduating from college. Excellent coach! He hired me in my first full time university position, after I sought him and reminded him that I came back for my gold. Johnnie Penelton: Helped me to develop amazing supervisory skills that would go a long way in helping me to have excellent staff and team members. She entrusted me with writing grants which would eventually help me to launch my own non-profit organization. Amazing lady! Dee Brown~ taught me how to publish books. Kim Roby, E Lynn Harris, and Brenda Hampton. Your invaluable help on various issues in the publishing arena really encouraged me to use money wisely and helped me to understand the book marketing business. Brenda Hampton ~ what can I say about you. You have been an amazing literary friend. You have taught me so much and supported me every step of the way. God bless you with continue success. Edna Petty~ for helping me to find myself as a writer. Edna asked me to write a speech in 1999 for her as she is a nationally known fabric quilter. I wrote my first speech and she was so excited about it, she sent my first article to a magazine and I was selected as a columnist in the relationship department. George Cotton: Hired me a columnist in his magazine. Really encouraged me and taught me the ABC of public speaking. Deborah Sistrunk~Served as my publicist for almost a year, without enumeration because she was my friend and wanted me to succeed. Really put Prioritybooks Publications out there. Cedric Beavers ~ without you, there would not have been a Prioritybooks Publications or Family Enhancement Center. You are a gem. I know I get on your nerves and sometimes I’m stubborn but you never give up on me. Thank you for paying my staff salaries and royalties when those checks were coming in slow. Really without your financial support there wouldn’t be any companies. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love you dearly. To my daughter~ Adeesha you are the best. Thank you for being my clerk and hostess for all our activities. You’re the best daughter ever. Now go forth and live your dreams and know your dad and I will support your endeavors. OOSA and Toni~ What can I say? You guys have been so supportive of authors and helping to push us to be our best. I remember my first review in 2004 from you guys. It was my first year as a published author and your advice and acknowledgement was so awesome. Still after all these years, you’re still helping authors. Thanks for your honesty! Finally to my mother and dad~ the best parents a kid could ever have. Loving, supporting, caring and was always there rooting your children on. Thank you for your love and patience because you can’t really give that what you never had. I’m going to keep spreading love in 2013. To all the readers, friends, siblings, relatives, and others who have supported me and my authors please know we appreciate you. Thank you and I wish you nothing but happiness and success in 2013. I give you flowers!

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BostonPobble said...

You would be on my list. Throughout so much good and bad, the ups and downs of my career, you've been such a steady, supportive constant. Plus, that whole kindle thing. ;)

May 2013 bring you blessings, Rose.