Monday, October 15, 2012

Hate the Hating

I wrote a long post for one of my conservative friend’s Facebook page, but decided not to post it. I was so angry with the way she and her friends treat President Obama. There is so much disrespect for him and his family. I could never understand how a person of color could allow folks to disrespect the first family like that on their page. I realize as social media users we should be open to others’ opinions but limit our name calling. Yes, I have called Mitt a liar and sneaky. The videos with him talking about issues and denouncing them are all over the net. You can see this for yourself. But I don’t call his wife out of her name nor have I brought his other family members into my posts. So today I wrote this post that said everything I felt about all this racism, double standards, and insinuations and folks wanting to and encouraging others to kill the President. All because they hate he is there (in the White house) and that he has made a difference. That wasn’t supposed to happen! He was supposed to be elected and impeached for some trumped up charges. They are still trying to do this even as of today with Benghazi, knowing they are the ones who voted to cut the budget that affected this whole thing. Seeing my feelings about the abuse our president takes on a daily basis and writing it all down really helped to calm my feelings and fears. Dang the list was long on all the hate pushed on President Obama and his family. Most folks would have crumbled! I have done and said all I can to encourage voters to vote and to take an interest in what is about to happen to all of us. Every vote counts and please don’t let these polls effect you in anyway. Still show out and show up at the polls. Rest assured though that whosoever wins, (as my mom would say) God is still the author!

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