Wednesday, September 12, 2012


A good friend of the family married her sweetheart last year, moved to Atlanta and built a beautiful home from the ground. Their subdivision is not complete so the few homes built are scattered. Two weeks ago they went on vacation and had a good time. Unfortunately, she posted on Facebook they were in New York. You know what happened? Somebody broke into their home. The thieves stayed awhile taking their time to go through each drawer, closets, and searched every shoe box. They thoroughly searched every room in each level of her home, even making Kool-Aid and sitting down to eat and drink. They took everything of value, all electronics, flat screens, etc. They took the extra set of house and car keys and drove off in her car. As an author I do travel but I travel with other authors or alone. My husband and daughter are always home. When we take vacations I don’t post pictures until we return, if I do at all. I also have live-in house sitters when we vacation. My grown nephew(s) come to live in while we are gone to take care of our dog. In addition, I have two trusted neighbors who we notify about our plans and who’s in our home. I let them know we are not moving and if you see anything or anyone coming out of our home with stuff and you don’t see hubby or me, call the police. We never leave our home empty. I try not to post when I have a signing away but when I do it’s because I want people to come out and meet me, but my family is home. Facebook is good for networking and meeting people who are likeminded in interests. I’ve met some wonderful people who have supported me and I reciprocated. My daughter was laid off and hired for a position because a Facebook friend was looking for good workers and I reached out to her and told her about my daughter. I’ve met people who advanced my book sales, provided me with excellent resources and advice. I’ve met folks who interviewed me because of my work as an author and teen advocate. Facebook is a nice way to interact. But know there are always those who seek to do harm to others. They lurk, lie, and look for ways to break into your homes to steal your things and your sense of security. They look to lure your children and teens to them. My friend is young. Now she is fearful and scared to stay in her beautiful home because she feels violated. So be careful about posting your goings and comings on social networking places.


BostonPobble said...

Another blogger I read has started posting under his real name and made the statement that it was the right thing to do. I countered with the fact that there is no possible way I am blogging under my real name: I travel too often and am alone too often. Putting a target on my back and my home isn't anywhere in my plans. Too many people forget common sense in the day and age of sharing *everything*. So sorry to hear about your friend.

Reggie said...

Makes absolute sense.

Diedra B said...

I'm truly sorry to hear that your friend was robbed. I hope she and her family can regain the peace that they deserve within the four walls of their home.

That being said, I will try and learn from her experience!