Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Why Do Some African Americans Hate Themselves?

In politics there are politicians I don’t support or like because I know they speak with a folk lip whether they are black or white. I have voted both Democrat and Republican when I support issues. I have voted on candidates because of their record of what they do for the people as a whole, not for a certain group of folks. But I could not sit down and dog out or laugh about my race or any race with a group of people who hate folks because of skin colors. Sure I post stories up about any criminals, or politicians who do outrageous things no matter their race. I want all of us to be informed and careful about many issues that affect us all. On Facebook there are folks who are African Americans who post negative stuff to encourage people to hate. What the person doesn’t know is, these people are not laughing just with them, they are laughing at them too. All you’re doing is giving racist people a format and a voice to spread their hate. The reason I know this have to do with how they feel about themselves and their own race is they not only spit out hateful things about the President, (they don’t even address him as President) but they want Zimmerman free, they hated Rodney King, they diss all African American leaders and their whole platform is about dissing African Americans. Why do some African Americans hate themselves?

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Anonymous said...

Because to live as an African American is not easy and even though this is not the civil rights era, covert racism is alive and well. I happen to be one of the people you are asking about and this is all due to the fact that there seems to be (in my opinion) a curse with the African (African American) race. Some have chosen to be an embarrassment to society and it's frustrating. I was always teased by blacks and still mocked by blacks to this day because I talk "white" and blacks ask me if I went to college JUST because I talk this way. These blacks today choose to be ignorant and inconsiderate and I am ashamed to call myself black or African American. And I know there will be backlash for my saying so.