Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Listen to that little voice that warns you to take action

I always try to respond to my instinct or the little voice in my head that warns me to take action. Today I took dad and mom to the grocery store and to pay their bills. I had a lot of money on me, which is something I normally don’t do, but I had misplaced dad’s checks in my house. So I’m sitting on the grocery store’s parking lot when this voice said, lock your doors. Mom’s door was slightly opened. “Mom, close your door so I can lock it before someone walks up on me and take our purses.” She quickly shut the door and I hit the lock with swiftness. Suddenly someone knocked on my window hard. Don’t laugh; it was a huge woman wearing one of those half t-shirts or belly blouse. Her stomach was huge (more than 9 months) and she banged on my car window. (Hand prints still there) I looked at her without letting the window down and shook my head no. She had dead eyes like a zombie. She stared at me then she grabbed my rear view mirror and laid her stomach on it like she was going to smashed it off. Fortunately my rear view is bendable. She had this evil stare so as she held on to the rear view mirror, I pulled off and she tried to hold on. Finally she released it. I saw her walking to another car that pulled off too. I say, thanks God. It was going to be hard trying to beat her while planted under the steering wheel of my car which was started to keep my parents cool.

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Berry said...

That is scary.