Thursday, December 23, 2010

When it pours, you need a cup

There are days when I feel so worn out and mentally drained but I shake it off and keep pushing. Yet, sometimes the flesh becomes weaken with so much stress and not enough time to heal from it. I feel like that sometimes.

There’s a lot going on in my life.

Scene1: I am considering a career change while at the same time wondering if I should take a year off from work to rejuvenate. Although, I will have to discuss this with hubby. I mean the taking off from work for a year.

Scene 2: Dad is improving and I enjoy our dates out and we spend at least two days a week together or more. He’s funny and by the way, the medicine he uses stopped the little people from visiting him. At least that is what he tells my family and his doctor. Honestly dad has seriously improved. He makes me laugh all the time. Nothing heals or soothe a worn down person like a big ole’ deep down laugh. Last week at the doctor office, the doctor asked my dad, “How are you doing?” Dad responded, “I don’t have Dementia anymore.” The doctor and I couldn’t stop laughing. You had to be there to understand.

Scene 3: My youngest brother who turned 39 this year had a big lump on his back and never said a word. Finally it started hurting him so he went to the doctor because he could not lie down without a lot of pain. The doctor removed the lump. But he was told yesterday that it was cancerous. Tomorrow or Christmas Eve, he is having more testing to see it this has spread and if so, he is scheduled for surgery on Monday to have everything removed if possible. My family is praying that everything was removed with the initial lump.

We are praying that God intervene and declare him healthy. That’s our prayer…..we are not claiming anything. We have this amazing faith that I am holding too. With that said, I am praying for people everywhere that we are all able to overcome any burdens, problems, or pain in our lives.


Dr. Deb said...

Stopping by to wish you Happy Holidays.

Shiirazi said...

Merry Christmas!