Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bet Awards and Chris Brown!

Okay people you have to give it up for Chris Brown. The young man is very talented and really did a nice tribute to Micheal Jackson. I think all you Chris haters need to give the man his due- he is talented. Yes, he made a mistake- a big one, but he has the same right as you and I, to apologize, and do better and continue to prosper with his talent.

Go forward Chris and bring your next album out- hard. I'll buy one just to save a young brother and to show the world that though we falter and fall, we can rise again with hard work and making amends for your wrong.

You did your thing- for real!


Belizegial said...

Rose, I agree! Let's move on to the new pages in this young man's life and keep him upheld to a higher ambition.


Solemn Reverie said...

I agree. He did a beautiful tribute!

TJ said...

I don't watch BET anymore so I missed the show, but I really hope Chris Brown is moving in a positive direction with his life and career.