Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Just a Prayer Away

Too much is going on today,
Causing so much pain and that’s not ok,
I’m seeing too many folks, who are being hurt,
My goodness, we need to all go to church.
Praying is what I say we must do,
To keep us safe, pray for me and I’ll pray for you.

Too much is going on across the world and words can’t explain what I am feeling- try as I might. I just have to keep praying and believing that everything is going to be all right. To all the people across the world who is suffering from earthquakes, death in the family, illness and employment know that we as a people are praying that a higher prayer will intervene.

Why go to church? As far as I know people who were reared in the church tend to have more compassion for people. Am I wrong or right? I don't want to generalize statements about groups, etc., but I do believe that when people are reared in the church and by parents who teaches them to respect others, etc., they seem to care more about people. People are saying that many of the people who are being murdered in broad daylight are possibly killed by crack babies. I just think we are all trying to find answers.


TJ said...

There is a lot of suffering in the world. It can be overwhelming to the most positive person, sometimes.

GC (God's Child) said...

a good church is a good place for people to go
I think a person who is looking for a church should not be discouraged because churches are not one size fits all
It's good for kids because aside from learning about God, morality, and spirituality, it teaches them to socialize with people and wear nice clothes; it also gives them many opportunities to make public presentations, sing, play an instrument, do arts and crafts. . . it just helps develop a sense of pride in them. Church is a good thing in reasonable doses.