Friday, September 11, 2009


There’s a lot of stuff that is bothering me right now but I am trying to deal with it by not acknowledging it. Yet, on a daily basis something happens to let me know that racism is alive and well. Even though we have voted an African American man into the White House, too many still see him as something else. Why on earth would parents not want their children to be encouraged to stay in school by someone in the highest position in the country? It was simply because the man who was going to be doing the encouraging is African American. Then for Rep. Joe Wilson's to have an outburst during a speech to Congress by the President accusing him of lying is just too much for me. This country is going backwards. On one hand you believe that racism is decreasing when you see men of color marrying outside of their race by the thousands as well as others. But that still does not change how many of their families on both sides feel.

You know it is bad when a country that is trailing behind others in education, jobs, etc., keep their children home from school because they don’t want a black man to tell them to achieve at all levels. Now you tell me- isn’t something seriously wrong with that?


Anonymous said...

It's downright disrespectful, and it all boils down to plain ole racism.
Threatening to keep your kids home from school because the PRESIDENT wants to encourage them to do their best...ridiculous.

chele said...

It truly saddens me.

BostonPobble said...

I have been moved from sad to disgust. Lithus is Canadian; some of our closest friends are from Australia and New Zealand. I find it harder and harder to defend my country. *sigh*