Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Random Thoughts

American Idol has lost it steam. The people they chose this season are just awful. Maybe there are two or three standouts. But mostly they left the real singers back in their hometowns. Looks pays! That’s why they picked the folks they have, they are cute, commercial, yet they sound horrible. I can’t see myself rushing to buy anything from any of the folks I heard and who is that silver wearing shirt guy? That’s a spot that could have gone to that guy whose best friend went through. Now that guy could sing….oh well, seems like American Idol is becoming American Laugh at Ya!

What is wrong with the Republican Party? They have lost their steam, their handle on the political forum period. Where are they getting these people who are supposed to be their stars? First it was Sarah Palin, now this Gov. Bobby Jindel. That dude is laughable.

Okay it’s time for me to switch party and run for office. At least I can speak clearly in public without all that guys and gals, and that down-home lingo. The Republican Party needs me! If they are ever going to return to what they believe are their rightful place- they've got to hire me. I can talk the talk and walk the walk. Oh, but my rates are very high indeed!

What am I going to do without Jay Leno? I always watch his show. He is going to be missed at this perfect time slot.


TJ said...

I grew up in Louisiana and I saw the speech and was like, really? Did I grow up in another state than the one he's talking about? You can't really fault the down home talk, he's had to use it to establish his base. He's actually a smart guy, though out of touch with most of the state.

BostonPobble said...

I love your random thoughts. Just for the record. :)

Dollar Van Demos said...

Want to see real talent singing? Please check out Leeia's music video for 'Strong Black Woman' here:

Dollar Van Demos

Deb S. said...

About the Louisiana governor: I heard that he received very poor PR counsel in preparation for last week's broadcast - that he was over-coached. Sources tell me that he usually does quite well in front of the camera, as was evidenced by a good interview on the Today Show the next morning.

I'm not shedding any tears about American Idol.

BTW, Rose, I haven't heard from you. What's up?