Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bad Things Happen in Three's

Let my husband tell it, bad things happen in three's. I just listen but lately I'm thinking he might be right.

First loss: Estelle Getty

Estelle was a funny lady. I love her as Sophie in Golden Girls.

Rest in Peace Bernie Mac

Wow! This shocked and saddened me. I loved me some Bernie Mac. I loved his show and his comedic timing and reaction. I remember how in a reading group with teenagers that I hosted, they selected his book and the tears they cried as they discussed his book and how some of his experiences were theirs. That was in 2004. A private donor donated 20 books.

He impacted many people by making them smile........ prayers going up for his family.
Issac Hayes
Who would have thought that less than one day later we would lose musical great Issac Hayes?
What a sad time for all these deaths....


The Brown Blogger said...

There is an unusual outpour for Brothers Hayes and McCollugh here in Chicago because of the links specifically this place.

It's heavy right now but we know that Creator has a master plan.

We might not like it sometimes...

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JerseyTjej said...

I could not believe it and all really not considered elderly, especially Bernie. You are so right, time is short and you have to make the best of it everyday.

Jdid said...

sometimes these things happen

Luke Cage said...

Unfortunately, death is so a part of life. And sometimes it doesn't hit us until ones mortality is met. But these men had the kinds of lives that made us proud of their acheivements. And now we bid them a fond journey home. Godspeed to them both.

Miss Rose, I've heard about the whole bad things happen in three's but I've never heard why the #3. Is there a reasoning behind this? I've asked for most of my life, but it seems like one of those terms just carried down from generation to generation.

Deb said...

These things get me down. Especially if they are people who've been like a part of my life. All three of these people were. They touched my life with music and laughter.

kathi said...

Stunned. I'd just read Bernie Mac was doing better and was planned on being released from the hospital in a weeks time and the next day I read he'd died. Shock. And Isaac Hayes??? Unbelievable. This has been a HUGE year of loss for celebrities. Ledger, Carlin, and those you mentioned. Wow.

TJ said...

I was really thinking about Bernie Mac and stuff and how life is and then I heard about Isaac Hayes. I guess it just made me think about more of the same stuff. I remembered hearing about Estelle Getty, too. Sigh.

Believer 1964 said...

Yeah, I say that when I hear of a death. It also occurs in real life not just with celebrities.

I'm still not over Bernie's passing. He wasn't with us long enough.