Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Lessons Learned

I was tagged by Stephen Bess. I am to tell where the name of my blog came from and why I chose the name. I'm am also supposed to tag to other bloggers with unique names. I started writing this blog on July 23, 2005. I still can't believe I have been writing here since that time. Where does time go? Since Stephen tagged me, I went back to see what I wrote on the first day I started to blog. Here is the orginal blog:

I named my blog Lessons Learned because everyday of my life I learn lessons that could be useful to myself as well as others. My column that I write for a local newspaper is also named the same. The name actual came from my very first column that I wrote for a magazine. My friend is a nationally known fabric artist and she showed me this quilt that she made and when I looked at it, the shadows in the quilt reminded me of my mom and me. We have a good relationship and could always talk about any and everything. I learn from listening and reading and I am open for information that will make me a better person. Thus the name Lessons Learned.

When I saw the quilt, I wrote this poem, Lessons Learned: This was in 1999. (Bare with my poem) I also tag:

  • Boston Pobble

  • Luke Cage

  • Lessons Learned

    I’m my own person and this is a fact,
    I follow my lead and I know how to act,
    It took a long time to understand who I am
    But I finally got the message it was a hard lesson learned.

    If you believe in yourself and stay on the right track,
    No one can make you have a bad setback,
    Believe in yourself and as a matter of fact
    Positive people and friends you will attract.

    Lessons Learned are things that happens in life,
    You have to experience pain, heartbreak and other kinds of strife
    To understand the true meaning of life,
    To become stronger, better and more positive,
    Use the information that others have to give.

    Lessons Learned are the act of living life.
    Listening, assessing and considering advice,
    to help you grow, learn and find a better way,
    that's how to live the American way today.


    E said...

    Wow...you really broke things down with that poem.

    It's really hard to believe how fast time flies. Here's to many more years of your insightful observations.

    BostonPobble said...

    You know, you could've titled your blog Lessons Taught because I bet I'm not the only one who has learned a thing or two here.

    My answer is up. :)

    Rosemarie said...

    Thanks for sharing your lessons and giving us the opportunity to glean from your life experiences.

    Belizegial said...

    Actually Rose, that poem is more like a universal declaration. As a motivated Belizean myself, I salute you on Lessons Learned.
    Well written and I enjoy coming here everytime.

    Stephen Bess said...

    That's cool a cool name for your blog and the poem is great. Thanks for sharing the reason behind the name.

    Kayla said...

    Love the poem! It is indeed a reflection of your blog, so way to go!

    Michelle said...

    I love the thought process behind your blog name. For people that stop through here -- there are lessons to be learned. Wishing you many more years of imparting your wisdom through your blog.

    Brownsoul said...

    "Lessons learned are the act of living life."

    Ain't it the truth. That lil bit describes how I feel EVERY single day. It's so easy to walk around with a heavy heart full of regret. I just try to get past that "if only I would have" feeling and just learn the lessons and keep moving!

    Anonymous said...

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