Saturday, July 23, 2005

I've heard so much about blogging that I thought that I would give it a try. I guess you can say that I will use this area to talked about lessons that I have learned as a writer and as a person. This will be the place were I will just lay it on the line.

I like writing. No--I love writing. I can't ever remember not writing. People ask me all the time when did you start writing and I say- all my life. I started off writing letters to everybody-relatives, prisoners, yeah they need love to and anybody else that I could think of. The funny thing was this-people begged me not to stop. I told prisoners about the sun, the weather, what was happening on the outside and they thought I brought the outdoors to them inside the drab walls of the prison. I was only 11 years old. Relatives would call me but wanted me to write. I often heard things like-you write long good letters. So I started off writing that way. I was also a reader- from everything that I could pick up including those true love magazines. Yeah-don't hit me-I sneaked those from my mothers' bedroom, again I was about 11. So sometimes when I write and I say something a little of the wall-remember my mind was toasted young.

I learned a lot of things on this pathway to adulthood but mostly I learned that if you listen you can find your hearts' desire. In grad school I wrote a paper and the professor suggested that I should write, after all my paper was a paper about a policy and political issue but see I must have forgotten that I was in grad school and needed this class to graduate-got confused I guess and started off the paper like a novel. I remember the first line. It read something like this....A little girl asleep with vivid dreams of her dancing in her ballerina slippers and pink leotard, early to bed because she was hungry because of the new policy of the Republican's ..... The professor wrote-great paper-should be a writer and he gave me an A-plus over a b-plus. Later he said, "become a writer-geez". That was the beginning for me. Lesson 1- do what you love- so here I am.


Deb S. said...


By all means, KEEP WRITING! I think many will enjoy your musings.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then I hope you will be flattered when you visit my blog at

Mine is not as introspective as yours. It serves another purpose. Still, perhaps one day I will reach your level of storytelling. :-)

Your fan,

Rose said...

Hi Sistrunk
Thanks for visiting me. Thanks for the compliments.

AKA said...

Keep on writing, I enjoy reading your materials, it motivates me to keep going, it's funny at times and make me laugh. Keep them coming.I often wonder who these characters are.

Unscript'd@21 said...

The topic you talked about'Lesson Learned' wasn't interesting but once you put the words together on paper I caught myself wanting to find out what esle was in store for you. So if you can make a couple of words seem so interesting and fasinating to read then I definitely feel you should keep writing. I'll be back to see what esle you're up to.

Rose said...

Hi Unscript'd@21
Glad that you stopped by.

jazeGma2 said...

I have not had an opportunity to really sit down and read blogs, but I must say, I really enjoyed reading about your lessons learned. Your enthusiam, determination and willingness to help others show through your writings. Your creative ways of reaching out and speaking through your writings are truly enlighting.

One thing I can say about lessons learned is, this was only the begining for you. An 11 year old girl with a genuin heart and mind abled to reach deep within and touch so many others. You are a natural motivator in every way.

May God continue to bless you in your work and all that you do.

Rose said...

Thank you for your beautiful comments. I have really enjoyed writing the blogs, they really help me to relieve a little stress. I'm glad that you enjoyed my writing. Please visit me again.

Anonymous said...

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