Monday, October 01, 2007

Things that PISS ME off!!!!

Things that PISS ME off!!!!

Violence on Campus:
Still happening across the country….It’s such a shame. I won’t beat this horse but let us all pray for these students who are trying to get an education to make their lives better. See new story:

Violence in relationships:

Be careful in these new relationships that you are making. Check folks out thoroughly. Folks are changing and becoming less trustworthy. If jobs complete background checks why won’t women and men do the same? We also check out businesses that we want to give our money to, new jobs, new neighborhoods when we moved, why not new potential relationships? It is getting to the point it is better to err on the side of checking someone out than not too. Here in St. Louis a woman was shot in the stomach by her boyfriend. She was pregnant. The baby died and she is still in intensive care. Another incident a young woman 18 was trying to end a relationship and the young man shot her to death.
Another man in his late 30’s or early 40’s was dating a teenager. She decided to quit him, and he went and killed her stepfather and his wife. He killed the wife in front of their children. Then flew here near St. Louis (In Fairview Heights, Illinois) from Milwaukee or somewhere, had the community on lockdown while they searched for him. Shot at policemen and then killed himself, all because his 15 or 16 year old girlfriend rejected him. Why in the hell was this man dating a teen? What happen to men protecting our teenagers from predators?

What would you do?

What would you do if your husband or the love of your life impregnated another woman and was planning on leaving you? After living high on the horse and having his children would you do like Kim Porter (Diddy’s woman) or Shani (Shaq woman)? Kim cleaned his mansion out and left based on the stories that I read that she supposedly interviewed in. Shani supposedly emptied nine million out of their savings to protect herself and children. Why can’t men keep their penises in their pants? Why won’t women who know these men are in relationships step aside? Why we keep hurting each other?


BostonPobble said...

Seems the same things piss us off, dear Rose. Keep preaching!

Momma Bear said...

Hi Rose -- just wanted to touch base. I should be getting ready for work but because I had some insomia, I was able to blog this morning. I read part of your blog and when I return home, will finish. The part that caught my eye was "what would you do if your husband impregnated another woman, etc?" If you get a chance, read my long blog today. It speaks of my dad being unfaithful to my mother, however, I didn't put the part in where he had three children while married to my mother, but was a good dad in spite of it all.

kathi said...

There were two girls murdered within 2 weeks from the campus where Casey is going to school at. Neither were related incidents and there has been an arrest and confession in both cases. Still...scary.

What would I do? Take care of my children and myself first and foremost.

JerseyTjej said...

I know what you mean! I read all weekend about violence on university campuses in America. Is this really reflective of our society? It is sickning to say the least. In most of the famous relationships I read of, the women are often pictured as unsuspecting or victims. I wonder how many of them put up with a certain amount of nonsense just to be with a

ATLcutey said...

hmmm, those are good questions and unfortunately, i don't have an answer to it.

thanks for stopping by my place and leaving a comment.

be blessed. :-)

Rosemarie said...

"According to our source, Shaunie has been having a raging affair with one of Shaq's personal trainers - described as "a muscular Cuban." When Shaunie fell for this guy she started stashing money away and went so far as to put a secret down payment on a HOUSE that she plans to share with the Cuban!"

It's all crazy stealing, cheating, and who knows what else.

Rosemarie said...

"What would you do if your husband or the love of your life impregnated another woman and was planning on leaving you?"

Bless Jesus, this was similar to my horror story back in the day, but now it's all good from here. Holla!

Nic said...

Yes, I think that each man that is interested in dating me should have to fill out a questionaire, and then submit it with a $35.00 check or money order, so that I can run a backgroung check.

Seriously, life would be so much easier.


TJ said...

A lot of times people get some clue of who they are dealing with. Like if he had a ton of women when you met him, chances are, he might have a problem keeping little man in his pants.

And people tell me I'm a nosey parent or overbearing because I have every intention of being all in my kids business until they are safely married with their own houses. Oh well. Better than having to deal with gunfire on a personal basis.

Dr. Deb said...

It does seem that more than the usual amount of school shooting and violence are on the news. Sad, for sure. What do I do? Try to prepare my children to be aware.

GC said...

human frailty is all I can say. Especially to the last part of your post.

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