Wednesday, October 10, 2007

So much on my Mind

I have a lot on my mind that I am trying to deal with. For starters I am trying hard to break my shoe and purse addiction. This addiction is so bad that it has affected my daughter. I never realized that all the purchasing and buying of these things and hiding them in the trunk of my car and throughout the house from hubby was only teaching her bad habits. Now she needs help too. She believes that she can’t do without this stuff. I created a mini-me. That phrase do as I say, not as I do, should never be uttered out of a parent’s mouth. It is a stupid phrase and does more harm to kids than we will ever know.

Now I have to find more shelves for purses that I most likely will only wear a couple of times.

The other thing is: How do you get your elderly father to move into an apartment or townhouse? He can not afford to stay in his home with five hundred dollar electric bills and 700 gas bills, plus everything else. But he said, "you all will never take me out of my home alive." I want his life to be stressfree....without worrying about bills. I’m stressed!


kathi said...

I don't have a problem with shoes, but I, also, love purses and have a couple of shelves of them. Once a year I get the ones I haven't used in awhile and are now my least favorite or least used and let my friends choose from them. They've all come to support my purse 'addiction'. I'm one of those people, though, that use them. I always have about 3 on the entrance table and I change them out every few days depending on my mood, where I'm going and what I'm wearing.

Shai said...

I have a book addiction. My shoe addiction has quelled. LOL. I have resisted buying in my fav place DSW Shoes. LOL. I am tired of having shoes I don't get to wear.

Funny, I have over 180 books I have not read and I keep buying. Used books from is the bomb. Plus I have got tons of free books this year from different events and authors. My daughter shakes her head at my books and shoes.

JerseyTjej said...

I was a purse addict when I lived in America. I auctioned most of them off when I moved here and kept a few ( 5) really nice high end ones that I use for holidays and or special occasions. The kids had fun watching the bidding on them and we used the money to buy something special for everybody to use together. My parents would also holdout to keep their home. Most of the feelings attatched to it come as a result of the memories and the value to the next generation. Have you tried to set him up with a budget to show him that he cannot afford it? Does he know anyone that lives in assisted living or condos that he could visit? It is good you are trying to help him see the benifits of a smaller place.

I WISH I could have a resource for unlimited books!

Luke Cage said...

Women and their shoe addictions... ahhh, at least it's that and not something more harmful;) It's too bad about your dad miss Rose. We moved our grandmother into a hospice awhile back, maybe 3-4 years ago and she went on talking about she wouldn't be taken out of the house alive as well. Only thing is, she was living with my older sister and it wasn't her house. But she seems fine now. Her diabetes caought up with her though and they had to amputate her leg below the knee. But the stress and pressure is off of her now. I hope all works out for you as well. Have a great weekend luv!

Dr. Deb said...

I just ordered your "Confessions" book, Rose.

And yes, what we say and do can good and bad fall out for our kids. I like to think that we can always undo a bad lesson learned by talking. I bet you will do just great helping your daughter with this.


Miz JJ said...

I have a shopping addiction as well. I can justify anything. I guess when it hurts enough I'll stop.

As for your father you should help, but you can not force. Maybe he needs for it to hurt enough before he'll move.

GC said...

re shelves
EBAY!!! and Charitay!

As for your daughter, did she pick up some of your best habits also? Then don't feel bad. She can go to Shoebuyers anonymous with you.

TJ said...

I'm sure you guys will work it out. I never was big on purses but clothing and shoes? I could tell stories... LOL. I really started to look at events that would make me want to buy things I did not need, and that quelled a lot of my purchasing. We'll probably have to send my dad on a LONG vacation, lock the big house and put a smaller one on his property when he gets older. He's stubborn, too.

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