Monday, July 16, 2007

Is it ever to late to say I'm Sorry?

My daughter went to the Beyonce and Robin Thicke concert July 8, in St. Louis and professed that she is a new fan of the entertainer. She said Beyonce gave one of the best concerts that she's been too and that she really enjoyed herself. But for me, I was desperately trying to contact my child via cell phone as the news had reported that two fans were hurt and had to be taken to the hospital.

Apparently during the concert two teens were injured when fireworks accidentally sprayed into the front row. It was the pyrotechnic display that went wrong. Beyonce continued to perform, never stopping to acknowledge the hurt teens. Then after the concert, she showed up at the hospital and spent 45 minutes with the teenagers and invited them to another concert later. The teens were excited that she came to see them. Others like disc jockeys, etc., thought it was tacky and inconsiderate of her not to acknowledged the incident and apologize during the concert. One likening her poor judgement to the time that Michelle felled while they preformed on 106 Park and Beyonce stepped over her and continued to sing and dance, not thinking or caring that Michelle could have actually been hurt.

For me, I thought it was nice of her to go to the hospital. Considering it was a good move if the teens or their parents decided to sue. You know folks are lawsuit happy. Some were pissed because she never apologized to everyone in the audience.

I thought about it! Is it ever too late to say I'm sorry?


Nic said...

I am not a fan of Beyonce. I mean I think she is pretty, and a good performer, but I don't think that she has much going on upstairs. She is an entertainer first, and foremost. Not much else to offer the world in terms of substance. So no! I'm not surprised that she did that. She's certainly no Selena or anything (ever see that movie?).

Anyway, I would've sued. I know that deviating from the routine is never part of her show, but heck! She has enough money, and maybe it would teach her to show a little compassion.

Miz JJ said...

The show must go on! It would not be fair to stop the show for the rest of the concert goers and it would be wrong to report only have the facts during the concert.

TJ said...

I understand that the show must go on, but when people have been hurt or could have been hurt, is the show REALLY more important? And if my kids got hurt by someone's pyrotechnics at a concert, I'd be strongly considering legal options. Is that lawsuit happy? I don't know.

As for the question, is it ever too late to say sorry, since time is a finite resource to everyone but God, I'd have to say yes.

Momma Bear said...

I think that Beyonce was doing what she felt she had to do as far as an entertainer goes. "The show must go on" is what the rule of thumb. Apparently she cared about the teens or she wouldn't have gone to the hospital to visit them. She probably saw that the teens were being cared for; therefore she went on with the show. Also, was it her fault that the fire works sprayed and injured two teens?

Luke Cage said...

Miss Rose, I knew a woman very close to me who was like an aunt and she told me this story once about going out with a gentleman over 20 or so years ago.

At the height of their relationship, dude just upped and left. No explanation, no goodbye, just disappeared and left the country.

He comes back sometime later and is taken aback that she's now a married woman with 3 kids. He literally purges to her and explains his abrupt departure and in the end, apologizes to her.

She accepted the apology. Obviously, she'd done well and moved on and had a great family from moving on, but she told me that she really appreciated the fact that he opened up to her and apologized because it made her feel so much better. She thought that 'she' had done something to make him leave and to find out after all that time it was he who had issues.

See, this time there was a definite CLOSURE. And sometimes, an authentic apology is all it takes. Just hearing that someone apologizes for something they did (and to me it doesn't matter when) really makes you feel good. But not every cirumstance is the same. And an apology may not do the trick. Even if it is authentic.

To me, it's never too late to say you're sorry, but its also possible whatever kind of relationship you and that person had may never be the same again and is now forever fractured.

As for Beyonce, not stopping the show to find out how badly injured the teenagers were during the incident itself, could have been easily handled by a small acknowledgement to stop the show and all. You know, to make sure that they are okay.

But right after they show she visited the kids at the hospital and they were happy about it. This sister can't win for losing. Now she's to blame for faulty pyrotechnics? Dayum. And Rose, don't be surprised. They may still sue the sista. ;)

princessdominique said...

Never too late.

Bballmom said...

I think that there may have been a larger problem had she stopped the show. Other folks who were in attendance that may have become unruly or mass hystria resulting in more injuries. Continuing the show may seem to make light of the initial problem, but she took time on the back end to apologize and spend time.

She is not responsible for pyrotechnic issues, but she will probably be sued anyway.

I don't think it's ever too late to apologize. But, that's just me.

kathi said...

Nope, I don't think it's ever to sorry.

kathi said...

Okay, my mind must be gone....

I don't believe it's ever too LATE to say you're sorry.


JerseyTjej said...

I don't think it is ever too late, but sometimes the recipient dosen't have the patience to wait for it or may not accept it. I think she did the right thing by continuing. There could have been a worse stampeed of people rushing to the front to be Lookey-Lou's and security would have had a worse time trying to help the injured. I have often felt that Beyonce's elevator did not "go all the way to the top..."but I am sure she was not responsible for the pyrotechnics and someone will have to pay ( in her name).

Rosemarie said...

Beyonce should have stopped the show for a moment or two at least! And, stepping over Michelle was just another slip up on not caring on the spot. She is obviously of the mindset that she is to keep the show going no matter what.

We all like to hear the words "sorry", but sometimes it can be too late depending on the circumstances. Still, it does bring a bit of comfort even if we don't accept it fully.

GC (God's Child) said...

Beyoncé was not responsible for the things going on behind the scenes. Her job was to sing and dance and give folks a good time. She has a staff backing her up as well as management and if she was going to look into pyrotechnic failures she'd be accused of micro-managing and sticking her nose into things she didn't know about.

The health professionals took care of the injured fans and she took care of the show.

Also I agree with Miz JJ that it would have been wrong to misreport facts in the middle of the concert. Let journalists take care of that.
She did the right thing by visiting the fans in the hospital. They will remember that she didn't just blame it on someone else and keep on moving.

As for the fall Michelle had, sometimes you have to allow a person who has fallen to pick themselves up--otherwise they drag you down with them.

Shirazi said...

It is never ever too late.

Anonymous said...

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