Saturday, June 16, 2007

No Gift Can Repay My Dad
(Dedicated to my dad....)

I am fortunate to have a great father. He was and is a protector, and a great provider. He was and is the greatest man that I know. He is my stepfather, the only father that I have ever known. I have been blessed to have him in my life. My stepfather has been in my life even before I was born. He met my mom when she was pregnant, with other children and alone. After accepting her into his life and later marrying her, he guided our lives with a firm hand.

Dad gave us curfews and disciplined us when we needed it because we had disobeyed either him or my mom. He was not abusive but we knew that if he told us to do something he meant it. He expected us kids to complete our chores and to take care of each other. Dad taught us older kids to watch the smaller ones and he taught us how to respect our elders. Mostly he loved us and showed us in so many ways.

My father and mother stayed married for more than thirty years. Even now he is a very integral part of our lives. He is that staple that keep families together. He is someone that we all respect and love. We have received so many wonderful lessons about relationships, love and life.

This month we will celebrate Fathers’ Day. At this time we are to recognize fathers across the country. We will search department stores to find the perfect gift to share with the men in our lives. But what I have realized is that no gift can repay my dad for the love that he gave so willingly to my family. His love and devotion for his family can be seen through his children.

He did not just protect his children. He took care of others. So many friends and relatives have come to say that they could not have survived if not for my father. This made us feel so special. He didn’t have to do the things that he did. But he did. He stayed when so many times he may have wanted to leave. He stayed when he was stressed out and overly burdened. He stayed when we made him want to leave because of our behavior but he stayed. I am a better person because of him. Sometimes when I want to stop and give up I keep pushing because he taught me how to fight and persevere. I think of him often and each day I respect him more.

This June let us celebrate those fathers everywhere, those who are the biological ones and those who may have adopted or just cared for a child. Let us tell the men in our lives that they matter. Let us show that we learned the many lessons that they taught us. Let them know that we appreciate the love they gave and let us teach other young men how to be great fathers. If we each can give what our fathers gave us, then we can pass it along to those fathers who don’t know how to be fathers. In keeping with our traditions, let give our fathers more than a store bought gift, I know that I will. Let’s give them the gift of love by teaching other men how to love unselfishly. To all those fathers who struggled, lived and died, who are learning and yearning to love and to be love, to laugh, provide for their families, to be happy, and free, have a wonderful happy Fathers’ Day.


Rosemarie said...

Your father is the father of many in the community. It seems he took the role willingly and stepping in when others were possibly unable or could not. Your father is leaving a legacy. I agree, He is a man of great worth and no gift could be considered repayment, though the gesture is appropriately noted.

Thanks for participating. You dedication will be linked on the contest post.

Belizegial said...

Nice tribute Rose :)

Sunday blessings,

kathi said...

This was a beautiful tribute to yur dad. I'm confident he's as blessed to have had you as you are him.
Charlie went with his dad today, but Casey and I went out to eat today for Father's Day in rememberance of both of his granddad's and of our Heavenly Father, and we shared with each other our memories of all three.

Rosemarie said...

A Father's Day Letter

I've posted my letter and the winner of the contest will be announced tomorrow.

Rethabile said...

There's a term for folks like him. It's "father."

princessdominique said...

Great tribute I wish I had such memories.

Luke Cage said...

Whew! That was too sweet luv. I have no words to sum up how nicely rendered that tribute was. Nice job!

TJ said...

What a great homage!!! You are so blessed!

JustMeWriting said...

That a beautiful tribute. It's such a blessing to have such a father.

Miz JJ said...

Beautiful post.

Dr. Deb said...

There is nothing so important in a girl's life than a nurturing man. Be it a dad, brother, grandfather, uncle or friend.

What a lovely post, Rose.

Dancewithme2 said...

Very nice.
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