Monday, February 05, 2007

My Dad

My dad turned 73 last week. It took me from January 30th until February 3rd to go visit him to wish him a happy birthday. That’s because my dad has always been kind of quirky in a good way though. There are some things about him that bothers me. Like when I try to call him he will not answer the phone, nor will his common-law wife. I keep saying to him, “dad what if something happens to one of your kids, how are we going to get to you?” The other thing is he will not keep his doctors’ appointments. He always seems to find a reason why he doesn’t go. I’ve talked to my sisters and nephews who lives nearby and asked them to make sure he is taken care of. They have been going to the doctor with him and checking on him. But still there are times when someone can’t go with him and he will not go. He has a car, just doesn’t like going to the doctors. Still, though they too get angry when he doesn’t open the door. His live-in girlfriend of about 7 years is really intimidated by us because of my mother. Most of the readers of my blog knows that my parents where married 33 years and they are still great friends. They shop together, pay bills together, and sometimes mom takes him to the doctor. I think dad still only trust my mom. He doesn’t want his girlfriend to know any of his business. She is about 68.

We arrive Saturday evening just before 7:00 p.m. I had purchased dinners for them both. We took over meatloaf, potatoes and gravy, corn, broccoli and Butter Pecan Ice Cream and pound cake. They were sleep. This is too early to be in bed for the night. I know it’s his life. But it was the first time in a very long time that I have seen my dad’s hair. It is totally, one hundred percent pure white. Wow! That was shocking. See he always have a Cardinals baseball cap on when I see him. Plus my big strapping dad, who once boasted almost 280 pounds, is now about 190 pounds. Looking at him all I could think was my dad has gotten old. See he’s 73, but my mom is 68 and she looks like she is in her late fifties. I’m blessed to have both my parents, but still I didn’t expect them to age…I know that is silly….but geez they are my parents….


Miz JJ said...

My mom is aging and I have to remember she is not the young woman she was in my youth who could keep up with me. Reality time.

Shai said...

Yeah, my mom is not the same woman who used to go to work looking nice when I was younger. She looks so much older when she does not dress to her best anymore, it seems more function than fashion.

Anonymous said...

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