Saturday, December 16, 2006

We know not what we do...

Today when I left church my cell phone vibrated and I walked outside to answer it. When I finished my conversation a little 10 or 11 year old girl walked up to me, "Mrs. Beavers," she said, "may I see your cell phone?"

"Why?" I asked.

"I want to see if we have the same phone." I handed her my phone because I was curious. She took it and went into her pocket and pulled out her cell and put them up against each other.

"Yours is much larger than mines and I really like your color."

"What color is yours?" I wanted to know.

"Hot pink! But I don't understand why yours is bigger."

At this time her mother walks up to me and join the conversation. "I like yours better."

"I don't see a difference," I said.

"Well, yours is bigger."

While we stood there talking several other young kids walked up and started showing me their cells. This is stupid, I thought.

I have been thinking about this a lot this evening. When my daughter was thirteen years old she was a cheerleader, on Pom-poms and dance team. To go pick her up after practice she had to keep calling the house because both my husband and I would be on the computer and at that time we had dial up so it was hard for her to reach us. So we decided to get her a cell and after her many practices she could call one of our cells and we would immediately leave to go get her. We hadn't yet purchase DSL because we had signed a contract with MSN and were waiting on it to end.

Another thing happened that made us want her to have access to us and that was the Columbine shooting. But we tried hard to monitor her. Her second month of having her phone she ran it up to $500.00. Her dad and I sat her down and explain the phone to her, her privilege in having one and about the value of a dollar. Both her dad and I worked so we paid the bill and began a real monitoring campaign because her phone was a necessity for our family. While she was practicing her dad and I was making money using the computer which is heavily involved in our jobs.

She was thirteen when she had that high phone bill, never again since. Think what someone younger would do.

Now everybody has a phone. One lady told me that her third grader was pleading for one for Christmas and she was thinking about getting it. While she was talking I was thinking I should invest in a cellular phone company.

I know that the children today wouldn't understand our world of yesterday because of all this high tech stuff, but man these children are living large now. I pray that what we are doing to our children by giving them so much now that it won't ruin them but maybe it will encourage them to graduate from school and find work to keep their lifestyle.


Shai said...

LOL. I think that things are out of control when a child as young as 8 has a cell, which I have heard. Whew! Yeah, I have been thinking about all the money cell companies are making.

It is sad how materialistic people are becoming and training their kids earlier to be also.

My friend took his daughter to a 6 year old's hotel party a couple of weeks ago. SMH.

The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

lawd jeezus have we come to this?...3rd grade....WOW!!!

chele said...

my 12-year old is constantly begging for a phone. she doesn't need one but all her friends have one. I made my son wait until he turned 16 but my daughter has more of a social life so she may get one at 14. I don't know.

Luke Cage said...

It's too late miss Rose. The climate of today is etched and rooted in such a way that peer pressure will be the ungluing of these kids. They either have and be in with the in-crowd, or not have it and be cast out as a "not down." Can't win for losing but that's technology for dat azz!

kathi said...

Both of my boys got one when they needed one, not because they wanted one. They were in sports and practice after school went on to different times every day and I (notice the "I" there) got tired of sitting in a car waiting for 1/2 an hour one day, 45 minutes another, for them to finish. So, I got them cell phones so they could call and tell me when to come get them. They didn't even ask for them. Charlie likes to text, so he pays that feature on my bill each month out of his allowance.

Paula D. said...

It does seem crazy, but like luke cage said....'Can't win for losing but that's technology for dat azz!'

TJ said...

It is more challenging than ever to raise a balanced, healthy kid because so many other parents dont want to put forth the effort to raise them, much less raise kids well. That said, I really need to look into cellular stock. lol.

bunny said...

You're bowling down my lane right now. What in the name of all things holy do these little crumb snatchers need with cell phones? I understand it from your perspective but c'mon. Not every child is involved in extracurricular activities where they need to get in touch with the folks. It's so silly to me, honestly. I'm 40 years old and share a freakin' cell with my mom. She never wants to use it but I insist when she has to travel on the expressway.

These kids won't know that in order to have all these "extras" they are going to have to "WORK HARD" because the parents are just giving in to keep up with the Joneses IMHO anyways.

Just makes me think they will start suing their parents when they get older because they won't be able to live in the life they have become accustomed ya know?

Cellular stock, sounds good to me too yall!

Hassan said...

I gotta call my broker...

Deb S. said...

I think your experience at church is hilarious!

As for young kids carrying cell phones: Under normal circumstances, no kid needs a cell phone in third grade. However, I know some people who use their cell phone as their house phone. Under these circumstances, the children need a phone if mom or dad is away.

My daughter got her first cell phone (a pre-paid phone) at age 15 for safety reasons. I put her on a regular plan a couple of years later.

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