Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Too Grown up Looking

Whitney's Houston's daughter Bobbi Christina is only 13-years-old, soon to be 14 but she looks older than my 18 year old daughter.

She looks just like her mother to me though some have said she more closely favors her dad, which I can't see. She is a very attractive teen. I remember when people use to laugh at her, almost the same as they did President Clinton's daughter, Chelsea. But Chelsea turned out just fine too.

Remember how Jay Leno and other comics would talk about how ugly the president's daughter was. I felt bad for her and hope that hearing that about herself would not affect her self esteem. Last I heard she was making more than six figures straight out of college and doing very well.

Kids do grow up and their geeky years will be behind them...Some just don't want to wait..But I try to encourage kids that situations, looks, and other things change, mostly for the better if you want them too.


Shai said...

I see Bobby in the nose. LOL. Sadly, with two parents with deep issues no one is really paying attention to her. It is obvious she is screaming for help, I guess her grandma Cissy and her Uncle are not able to reign her in.

TJ said...

Whitney's features are coming out as time goes by, but in the beginning, she was Dont Be Cruel in a skirt, okay? I hope that now that Whitney is cleaning herself up and getting her life on track that she will focus more on Bobbi Kristina, because I remember the MySpace page and it was a Dateline waiting to happen. Merry Christmas, Rose!

sweetness said...

how the hell and when the hell did she lose all that weight? someone better jump in save lil bob before she hurts herself. chelsea was a funny lookin girl but we money, eduation, and make-up one can become very appealing.

Brotha Buck said...

She's a cross section of both; she has her dad's eyes.

CQ said...

She is a very attractive young lady but she does look older than her age. I hope someone is talking to her and trying to be a positive role model for her. Her mother's features are starting to show more. And I am with sweetness, where did all of her baby fat go?

Clare said...

She certainly is an attractive girl. I hope now Whitney is sorting herself out she is focusing more on her daughter.

The Gig said...

Jay Leno should never talk about anyone's looks. He is ugly himself. I remember when my mother was living and she would always comment on how ugly he is.

David Letterman would never win a prize for good looks either.

I see Whitney in her face. She's georgeous.

Have a blessed holiday season Rose.

bunny said...

Amen to that. Bobby Kris is off da chain right now but with the life that she has had with mom and dad who would think anything different? Prayer changes everything so keep praying for that child and her fam.

Chelsea is a doll now. Yes she came out of her awkwardness quite nicely.

Deb S. said...

I have always felt that Bobbi is a beautiful child. To me, she definitely resembles her father, although she has some of her mother's features, too. I have never understood how people could be so mean to say or suggest a child is unatrractive. I don't want their value system, and I suggest that they look in the mirror.

By the way, good for Chelsea!

Getting back to Bobbi: Sadly, she is not alone. A lot of our adolescents have parents who are so into themselves, they don't take a lot of time to provide guidance for their children. I'm not suggesting that Bobby and Whitney are bad parents because I don't know them. I am also not as fascinated about the lives of entertainers as some people are. But Whitney and Bobby probably could spend more one-on-one time with their daughter.

People want to criticize these entertainers, but then they turn around and spend tons of money on suits, fancy dresses and shoes for children who haven't made it to kindergarten. They dress their children like little adults. For these parents to criticize Whitney and Bobby is like the pot calling the kettle back, in my humble opinion.

It's sad that people can be so superficial.

Deb S. said...

Merry Christmas, Rose!

brooklyn babe said...

Now that's interesting, how her looks have "sexified????"

Hmmm... holi-hood will do it to ya!

Make a great one this Holiday season!

Wishing U:

"a taste a heaven in 07, see U then!"

bK bAbE!

Anonymous said...

Wow...she's a beautiful girl. I remember when she was chubby. But yeah, she looks too grown up! And what's up with her showing her bra!! If she were my daughter, I beat her butt for that one!! lol

for_the_lonely said...

And you know the funny thing? Girls that I SO admired in school, those that I thought were popular and pretty, are the ones that end up looking "not so hot" in their older years! Sometimes the ugly ducklings really turn into swans! Bobbi is becoming quite the beauty, huh?

Anonymous said...

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