Friday, December 29, 2006

To Weave or Not to Weave

I am finally taking my braids out and looking for a hair style. I will wear my own hair as it is shoulder length. Looking for styles, I considered weave as it is so easy to keep and somebody told me it doesn’t sweat which is good for me as I am exercising now. But after seeing this fiasco with Beyonce’s weave, I’m not interested.

The photo was supposely captured while Beyonce performed at Walt Disney World’s Christmas special a couple of weeks. Apparently this is the new way that women put in their weave. It is called lace front which is something I still don't understand. All I know is her weave is supposed to cost $5,000-$6,000 a whop. Let me count the ways that I can spend that amount of money. My daughter's tuition is 12,000 a semester and that amount of money would pay half. Still though Beyonce weaves are the best I've seen.


Shai said...

I don't understand lace front myself. That wrinkle should not be there. Goes to show money still cannot help everything.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I'm wondering what that thing is on the side of her face!! It looks hideously gross!!

bunny said...

A lace front is a type of wig and that awful looking mess on Bey is (I'm guessing) the result of the glue that you have to put on the wig to secure it. So you have to put some kind of glue release type of stuff on the outer edges of the wig and pull gently when taking the wig off. Looks like somebody didn't take their time. Now of course this is all assumption and not fact.

On youtube a girl showed how to put on a lace front wig and how to take it off.

Belizegial said...

It looks funny, I'll admit. It costs to look good and then the pain involved is sometimes not worth it. sometimes~~ lol

Have a great New Year's Eve! :)


No_the_game said...

Hey lovely Lady,

I wish you a Happy New YEAR and lots of happiness!

Yeah her hair did not look good. Whoever did it should give her money back. She is a public figure and those ppl should be careful.

She is still hot !
I would love to see your new hair style. I still think natural hair is very beatiful and bring black womans beauty out.

If i were a man I would most def marry a black woman with natural hair.

Happy New YEAR Lady ROSE,

Brownsoul said...

oh my goodness! that looks painful!

I hope you're having a great new year's weekend...many blessing to you and your fam for '07!

E said...

It looks like that weave on Bouncy hurts...:-)

And yay to getting into exercising. Isn't it enjoyable? :-)

Happy 2007 Rose.

chele said...

lace front? never heard of it but if it causes a wrinkly growth on your face ... no thank you!

Anonymous said...

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