Wednesday, November 01, 2006

St. Louis rated as the most dangerous city in the USA

Wow I can't believe that the city that I live so near to received this horrible rating, especially since we have just won the prestigious World Series. Even though I know lately the crimes have increased so rapidly with car jacking, murder, burglary and rape. It is so sad to see that a city so in need of a new image have to deal with this too. The school system is in such disarray that it is constantly in the news because the majority of the school board puts itself first instead of the kids. The hard working people in this area don't deserve this negative tag. Many of the people in St. Louis are professional, law abiding citizens. It is always the criminals who bring the whole area down.

I worked near the city and I admit that every morning I prayed that God would keep me safe and out of the way of a youth stealing a car and trying to outrun the cops. Too many people lost their lives this year from head on collisions from thieves trying to get away from the law. Even though crime seemed to suddenly double you just don't think that St. Louis is the worst.

Even though I live in the county, if crime is that bad less than 20-25 minutes from our area, it could easily infiltrate to our community. Yet many of the people in St. Louis are professional, law abiding citizens. It is always the criminals who bring the whole area down.

I only wish that these criminals would just take a look at themselves and see that they are going nowhere and life and make a positive change.

Now the mayor and other officials including the FBI said this survey is bogus. They found that it was released right after the announcement of the World Series to hurt the city. Normally this report is released a couple of days before Thanksgiving. Finally St. Louis sadly had 131 murders doing this time while Chicago had 438. This information was released by the major and FBI officials on the local news. Still if the survey is bogus, 131 murders are too much and ridiculous.

Why are folks killing each other and killing the innocent?


Sugar said...

Hi Rose,

You make some very good points, and at only 20-25 minutes out of the city, it is very possible for criminals to take their "trade" out of the city and on to greener pastures. That's what's happening in the D.C. metro area.

I don't know about the "conspiracy theory" that the news was released to throw sand on the Cardinals' parade, and I'm a HUGE conspiracy theorist. It could just be that the P.R. people who have to prepare those announcements are sick and tired of being so busy right before the holidays!(lol) As a P.R. professional, I know how that game goes.

Brotha Buck said...

For some reason, it's hard for me to picture St. Louis more dangerous than a Chicago, New York or Atlanta. Hm.

princessdominique said...

I read this and thought of you Rose.

African girl, American world said...

I will never understand why some people can kill and not even think twice about it!

I took up Dom's challenge too :)

TTD said...

it may be bogus.. cause baltimore is currently at like 262 & we're like #9.. but i think some of those reports are based on population vs. # of crimes (but im not sure)

but either way.. i feel ur pain.. i live in baltimore county and ur right.. the violence in the city def can trickle into the county

Luke Cage said...

Actually Rose, I read a similar survey like this a few years ago when DC was at the top of the list for most of a year. I think it finished somewhere in the top 5.

But dangerous isn't explained well. While most of us will think of murders, it also takes in grand larceny, homicides, suicides, home invasion and some other crimes and groups it into one.

Then they usually break them down into separate categories. If you're referring to just the murder rate, St. Louis is probably in the top 10, but I have a hard time believing it's more dangerous than DC or Baltimore or even #1 for that matter.. I'd like to see what other factors they use to get to reach this conclusion. Just a fyi...

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